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What happened to konashion.

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The only way to playground it video would be show something full the chick, in which nimbus if it's big we know it's Peet. Breast the groupie could be light unbuttoned, the bikini and bra could be inverted down, and the loves could be coloured up.

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Let me encourage you especially for making the tongue. Oh, and the thing with other positions: Adding one guy doing her from behind so it becomes a spitroasting would be awesome and wouldn't really need that much of a change of her posistion, would it? Thanks for doing this flash. Best I've seen in I hope you don't forget to add some kind of a hypnosis mode. Don't give up on these ideas, this is very worthy of updating more.

I know animation is difficult to work with, I've tried. I commend you on your work so far. I see nothing wrong with that x-ray mode you linked to. Any kind of x-ray vision would make me happy. So 1 vote up for that feature! Other then that, sounds like an impressive list of features to come. Can't wait for the swf import hairs.

Death would be freaking hot. Different hims could be like a change in the character or even include like a monster option, make the guy an orc or something. I'd very much enjoy to see her with a surprised look on her face and eyes open really wide the moment that she feels him cumming down her throat. I think she does already open her eyes somewhat.

However, I'd like her being more surprised by that. Another suggestion is an option where the cum stays in her mouth via button e. Actually seeing her cheeks filling up with cum this would be great anyway. Then she either swallows or Cougar amateur video becomes so much it runs down her chin.

Third is a gargle mode. Gay cholo xxx tilts her head back and starts to gargle with the cum. Anyway, great work so far! I think hypnosis mode should have: If you find the time drawing hairs, please draw Zelda's!

Maybe you could add the options for one arm, two armas or no arms. Also cool would be different expresions. Andrea serna hija 2 features would open a lot of different scenarios Also great work". Thats a lot of stuff to do! Don't work yourself to death with hairstyles, thats what everyone else in the world is for: Why not an inflation of her stomach as she swallows more?

With the potential to expel if she gets too full? I'd like to see thicker layers of mascara running down her face love all you've done so far! On the subject of dialog, assuming that you're talking about subtitles, while you would need a sample file, it could really just be a walk through of the available options of when to show text, how to string lines together, and maybe showing some simple stage directions.

Given the nature of the game I think most people would be writing their own scripts, and even without using dialog some of that capability would let people add some personality to the character.

The futanari option sounds interesting. Might even be an oppurtunity to add in sound effects for the deep-throatee without it being gross. Male moaning makes me want to barf. Another idea would be to have the girl unbound and use her hands a bit. Not sure how much work would have to go into that.

I agree with the idea of "expulsion" if she gets too full. I don't know about inflation, since I think the idea is to keep this at least semi-realistic, but having her retch a load all over herself if she swallows too much or the guy gets too rough would be fun to see. I like the idea of lipstick smearing on herself, and if possible, removal of Ashley blue cum swallow whole "rainbow dick" effect. I love smearing, but that effect is just such a huge Gf xxx tube that I can't even bother using it.

Cum gargling would be hot. I like it a lot myself. Maybe have it as a check box to allow her to gargle before swallowing or not. Happy mode sounds nice too.

I'd like to see a "No hands" feature to go along with that. What kind of extra accessories do you have planned? And I almost forgot.

If so, it would be nice to have the option to turn it off, or add subtitles with your OWN dialog. If "him" could turn into a futa, I would be a happy panda.

Being able to have her finger herself plus an option for her to orgasm would be pretty awesome. Just one simple request, -should- be relatively simple-- When adding accessories, include a butt-plug, please-- the angle she's positioned at right now would make one very visible. Have you considered a weight slider at all, or is that what you mean by different body shapes? Yeah, weight slider sounds about right.

I know that was a concern of yours, Kona. Clothes and differing body types. Would it be plausible to have the clothes automatically adjust with a body type slider? Is it possible to allow the penis to be over Full clothed fuck face and not in her mouth while she's close to the guy?

The penis can stay outside her mouth even though she's up close. At this position, users can also move their mouse up or down to slap her face or tongue! She can blink, moan, etc. Or you can shoot directly at her eyes, etc.

And maybe down down the road, the penis is not constrainded, users can move it anywhere! To breast area or any part of her body. I still find it hilarious how people keep requesting death mode. Free russian porm mean holy shit, thats some necrophilia-esquething you got going there, people.

Great stuff, I think you should concentrate on whatever you feel like as I'd hate for our constant requesting to burn you Hairy amature porn. Every update is christmas all over again. Hi, I love what you're done here!

Just to make things interesting, it would be nice to have a "point" system. I'm very excited about different bodies shapes. There are just some characters that can't work that skinny.

For me, it is worth much much more than clothes. One thing I don't think anyone has mentioned that I thought would be good- can the male's body be a collision area? I like the idea What happened to konashion the spit and cum getting on the legs. Especially with the whole nose thing.

If you are making a happy mode and possibly a hypnosis mode I would love it if you made a angry mode as well. It should be fairly easily. Just change Emma watson booty angle on her eyebrows, more eye contact and narrow her Top blue film sites some more.

And of course, more resistance. Also, thanks for all the fantastic work. It is most appreciated. I'm orgasming just looking at this long Accidental upskirt pics of future features.

Please continue doing a wonderful job, and I hope you're still having fun working on the game! I'd like to see a mode where her eyes are half open and rolled back in her head when she's passed out. Didn't see anything about a widescreen mode, but that'd be nice to see.

Either way, you're awesome, Konashion. Oh yeah, widescreen would be nice for when it's fullscreen. I suppose I could cheat and just expand the backgrounds instead of actually painting more to the sides and making everyone redo their imports again. I'll see how it looks. I love this game badly, so if some one can make a "pussy mode" or "Anal mode" like where he can take her from the behind and like, its also the same where you can cum insider her and stuff would definitely be awesome.

MY GOD, this will Sexy nude dance legendary Keep up the good work! By the way, extra Womanizer toy video mainly nose would be great.

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