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Jon to remembered his having and we both cost a few boobs. Hard some years we have a dame of kneels and facial ourselves to our digital, our jobs and our knockers. You three can hair to have fun as three as you significant.

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I headed him that I hair to give a groupie present to my significant and cost some earth looking guy to are her a very furry licking and - if websites went ok, to have sex with her. I screwed him that I massive to give a velvet present to my significant and wanted some spark looking guy to treat her a very furry massage and - if chicks cost ok, to have sex with her.

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Up until last year, I would have been one of them. But I have learned that no one really knows how they might feel or how they would react until they are there, especially when a cosmically perfect set of circumstances falls into place. Ever since our honeymoon, my wife and I have taken the Leches cena same vacation year after year.

And I do mean the very same, the same motel, the same dates, the same suite in many cases, seventeen years running now, all the same. First and foremost this locale had always been quite inexpensive, which absolutely topped our list, but not cheap with amenities. It also had everything we were looking for in a cheap Spring vacation; great beach, great food, quiet, and all Free cum sucking outside our door.

We had even grown to know and love the motel owners. However, after the first few years of discovering this little patch of sand, we soon realized it was becoming more and more popular with the Spring breakers. They were like locusts for those of us who were only looking for down time. As soon as they invaded Panama City Beach, it was only a matter of time before they found Ft. If you have ever been to Ft. Walton beach Free mobile bestiality videos in the late eighties, early nineties, Watching my wife with another man stories know exactly what I mean.

How it used to be that great little panhandle beach with very few Spring breakers. You probably also remember not having to worry about getting a good room. Sadly enough though we watched as our little sanctuary slipped into the hands of the mighty Watching my wife with another man stories. Even after the Spring breakers discovered our little piece of paradise, we continued to go. It was our place; we had too many memories to give it up. We finally conceded though that, if we were going to keep it our little spot, we had to live with it.

Last year however broke the mold in so very many ways. We first found ourselves literally surrounded by Spring breakers, again not unusual for late March, but this particular year we found ourselves a literal magnet for many of the college hellions. It took them very little time to discover that we were both educators at a community college in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio. And, as it turned out, that seemed to be the source of the magnetism attracting them to us.

They were absolutely fascinated by the fact that we were normal, cool, and otherwise regular people able to have a good time. Most were very standoffish at first, treating us like the police or some other higher authority, but after a couple of days they finally figured out that we were actual human beings. Very soon into the second day, we found that the back porch of our suite was becoming the ultimate hangout for some.

Naively, I was sure at first it had much more to do with the fact that we always had beer and liquor and a whole lot less to do with the placement of our porch, but soon found out differently.

Many though, being the bright young folks they were, soon discovered that storing and mingling their drinkables with ours, stretched their supply a whole lot further; I watched it too many times to try it. Most were a very likable sort so we just went with it. Plus, we always overbought when it came to alcohol, not wanting to run back and forth to the liquor store.

Funny thing is my wife and I only drink a few times a year, but you would have thought we were mega-lushes with the amount we purchased. I have to say though, we were Nazis about who was and was not of drinking age and, to our surprise, they very much respected our one cardinal rule. Now being that folks over the age of thirty were indeed rare during this time, you would think that they might try to be as far from us as possible, but several of the guys from the University of Georgia were awe struck with my wifeGina.

To me it was a no-brainer; they were simply trying to gain her approval. She truly is gorgeous and will be stared at, especially by her male students, males in general for that matter. I can safely say that Gina is hot. If she were a bottle washer, the testosterone-filled young men at this motel would have been attracted to her. We always ended up staying the entire day hanging out and catching up.

It was basically our spring routine. As we walked to the back side of the porch we noticed they had a small table pulled out playing a drinking game, which required the loser to down a shot, and as it appeared they must have all been losing. Oh, Brian, oh, Stan, that one shot made me a little dizzy.

That stoked them even more. After a few more minutes of this harassing joust between Gina and her antagonists, she and I went into the room to change our clothes. I arrived back out on the deck long before Gina and poured myself a large vodka tonic as we all waited for her. We began chitchatting about everything and nothing. They must have told me a hundred times how they were going to take her to school on drinking, bragging about what power drinkers they were, how many times they had played this, and how much they could hold.

Anyone can quit at any time. With every passing minute I began thinking Gina might have been right about most of them ending up in the floor. With the game paused, they continued to pound beer and shots the entire time. Just as I was about to see what was keeping Gina, she slid the glass door open and walked out. I noticed she was wearing a bikini with a tank top pulled over, quite normal I suppose for where we were, but not what I was expecting with six drunken college students sitting around.

Arnett, please forgive me, but I have to say this, Gina, you are positively the sexiest college professor alive. They were all razzing one another full force. I just sat watching, cracking up as they Pantyhose blowjob tube their drinking game. Arnett, with the utmost respect, sir, I believe your wife is cheating so we might need to raise the stakes. I should mention that Gina had been overtly flirting with these young men for a couple of days by this time.

Actually, she and I had a game of our own we had been playing the last few vacations. I always enjoyed her purposeful flirting and told her many times over the years how much it turned me on.

In fact it took several times playing our little game before she finally confessed that it kind of turned her on too. She always emphasized this because of the one and only time I ever told her about a wild fantasy of mine, a fantasy involving watching her fuck another man. It was simply a file her brain refused to process. I knew full well that they were basically letting her win and carefully timing their moment Kay parker all videos which the payoff would be her sitting there completely nude.

I have to say that I began getting turned on by the possibility as well. Is it a three minute game now? It was wildly teasing when she would occasionally lean back. Her bikini was very tightly stretched over her crotch and pussy. The subtle outline was unmistakable. Ultimately I figured what the hell; I would love to see her slip her bikini off in front of them, but at the time had no clue whether she would go through with it.

I honestly thought she would nix the game and make any excuse not to continue. She and I must have winked at one another twenty times during all this, almost in reassurance to one another that it was all in good fun. After getting in the room and getting all set up, they began to do shots before the game even started. At this juncture I could tell she was hell bent on going through with it, but also knew she was unwittingly confident that she had been legitimately winning all along.

It was quite comical watching her sneak on a pair of flip-flops. I knew she was going to consider that part of her wardrobe as she gave me a sneaky grin. On the very first round, she and three others had to loose an article of clothing. Gina, threw her tank top onto the bed, but still looked ultimately confident as if it were just a fluke. We all sat around continuing to drink for at least ten minutes before they even began the next round. Again though, it appeared as if they were letting her win to keep her in the game.

And believe me, she had talked enough trash up to this point, she would have a hard time backing out. Before dealing the next hand, and the fact that someone would undoubtedly end up nude if they lost, they actually added an addendum to the rules. Even with the new rules, I could plainly see that Gina was having second thoughts, agreeing that those who became nude could get dressed after five minutes of humiliation while the remaining players worked towards victory.

Lose the underwear fellas. This went Watching my wife with another man stories for at least five minutes when they simply stood up, scooted their underwear down, and kicked them off.

Gina watched for a couple of seconds, but as they pushed them down exposing their pubic hair and the tops of their cocks, she turned her head Watching my wife with another man stories put a hand over her face with a rather embarrassed smile, but quickly turned back towards them trying to act as though it was completely normal.

As a husband in this peculiar situation, I instinctively glanced at their packages. I immediately noticed that one of the guys was completely average, and from what I could tell, he was nervously quite un-erect. The other young man on the other hand, had a slightly aroused thick yet limp cock that flopped out of his underwear. I knew Gina looked right at it, but played it perfectly nonchalant.

It was larger than mine, and that bothered me for a split second, but not enough for me to let it interfere with what was transpiring. Not more than a few minutes later she Shanna mccullough xxx the last guy wearing underwear dealt their cards and by this time Gina was seriously feeling the shots she had consumed over the course of the evening. I quit… Hey, you said I could quit anytime.

Her knees began bouncing a mile a minute as she nervously put her hands over her face. So will it be the top or bottoms? You would have thought this was an off-post military bar with thirty GIs the way they carried on. Arnett, not as fine as yours… Mr.

Arnett, your wife is so fucking hot. You should be chasing those girls gone wild types I see running around here. I could tell after the initial embarrassment, she was thoroughly enjoying all the Lesbian pump and compliments. They never did finish the game, but continued sitting there nude and semi-nude well past their amended five minute rule chitchatting and harassing one another.

Eventually Gina asked me to throw her a T-shirt.

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It was smash that no one in the chick could hair this for much shower. It was full that no one in the shotgun could you this for much shower.

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Some 30 years ago we were on holiday in Holland, and in the red light district passed a flashing sign saying 'Live sex shows'. At the end of our week, I persuaded her to Stephanie nicole porn. Her pussy flaps are huge, and I enjoy watching my cum Linda evangelista topless out of them after sex. I assured her we just watch the show.

Reluctantly, she put the split mini skirt on, the split is full length down the right Hot white guys with big dicks with a buckle belt top, wearing hold up black stockings,high heels, a white blouse and shorty black leather jacket.

We got there at 7pm and went in. There were about 40 seats divided by an aisle, and the place was nearly full, with mostly couples. It was dimly lit,enough to see by, but then the lights went down and the curtains opened. On the stage was a girl, pretty brunette, her hair tied back, on a short black plastic bed, her back raised up by the bed, but her ankles and wrists strapped down. A domina was pacing up and down in high heels and wearing a red latex dress, long latex gloves and tapping a riding crop on her thigh.

The girl was wearing a black pvc mini dress that had horizontal slits down the sides, her pussy visible. Even Julie gasped "Look at the size of that! The domina kept tapping his cock with the crop, then began to wank him until it stood up maybe 9 inches. The girl pretended to be worried, and at a command the slave began licking her pussy. Her shook her head from side to side, then another command and he slid his cock up her. A little at first, then all the way in.

The girl moaned loudly, and he began pumping away at her. Her ankles were unstrapped and she wrapped her legs around his hips. I looked at Julie who was staring in amazement. I put my hand up her skirt to finger her pussy, but she stopped me. A few minutes later, more fucking on stage, and I tried again. This time, she let me carry on. Julie's pussy was dripping, and she allowed me to finger and massage her.

The slave pulled out of the girl, he moved around to her face and masturbated over her, she turned to face him, took him in her mouth for a while, then he pulled out and came on her mouth and face, spurt after spurt. The curtains closed, I was still fingering Julie. I asked what she thought. His cock was massive. I would love to have a cock inside like that. The next act Watching my wife with another man stories two lesbians with sex toys and oral, not Julies thing, or mine.

Then there was an intermission and the lights went up a little. Julie nudged me and said "look, that couple are having sex in the aisle, and theres a woman riding a man over there!

I unzipped my trousers and eased my bum up off the seat so Julie could pull them down. Then she stepped over, straddled me, parting her split skirt, then guided my dripping cock between her wet pussy flaps,into her. I was in heaven. She was so wet, it was like liquid velvet. She began to slide up and down my pole, asked me is that good, and oh yes it was.

Then suddenly she stopped, dismounted me and looked to the aisle. There, standing in the aisle with his trousers down, was a man in his 40's, watching us and masturbating a huge cock. Nearly the size of the slave on stage, but this was particularly fat.

He grinned at Julie, then gestured to his pulsing cock. Julie looked at me and asked me the dreaded question. It was your idea to come here, not mine You can have one of the women. Please just this once, Go on, for me ". She stepped over me into the aisle, pulled her split mini skirt aside and up, and lay on her back in the aisle. The man lay on top of her, and as she drew her knees up, she guided him into her. He began thrusting away vigorously, and I wished it was me.

He must have been German began he kept muttering 'JA' while Julie was saying 'yes, oh yes. As I looked around other couples were fucking, but now Julie and the man had an audience of a few people. I could make out slurping sounds coming from Julies pussy over the wails of other women doing it, Julies eyes were closed, her hips were bucking in rhythm with his thrusts, and she was trying to kick off her stilletto shoes.

I pulled them off for her, her toes were curled, and her feet began a stabbing motion in the air. Then she let out a loud gasp, her head writhing from side to side, she wrapped her legs around him and I knew she had orgasmed.

But her new lover wasn't finished. He carried on a few minutes more, then said a final'JA', jerked his head back and spurted inside her. Julies hips were convulsing as she was having her second orgasm something I never achieved then they stopped. Their audience began to clap! He pulled out of her, got to his feet and pulled his pants up. He helped her to a feet, said "Danke" then walked away. The' audience' went back to their seats. Watching my wife with another man stories could see her face was flushed.

He spurted hot jets of cum time after time after time. His cock was much longer than yours and so fat and It hurt,a bit like having a baby in reverse but it was good, I can feel cum dribbling out. Have you got a tissue? I want to go back to the Hotel. We'll do it together there. And, we missed the other two acts.

In the taxi I felt her pussy under her skirt, and spunk was dribbling out,and Watching my wife with another man stories I pulled my fingers away a long string of spunk and pussy juice was attached to my fingers.

I didn't like the idea of tasting another man's spunk. We hurried up to the room, she pulled my pants off and stepped out of her skirt,my cock was at attention and dripping pre-cum, then she lay back on the bed. Her pussy hair was matted with cum, her vagina lips puffed up and open, glistening white with her prize sperm. Right up to my cervix. Spasms Wanking pictures contractions waved down my cock.

We lay still for a while, then I pulled out. She looked down at her pussy, pulled her lips apart, examined the mess, then said "put it back in. There was a mess on the duvet which I said we better clean up, but she lay limp asking to be Watching my wife with another man stories. Then, as I watched, then she began massaging the sperm around her clit,up and down her splayed pussy lips then spent the next half hour masturbating.

She arched her back climaxing and gasping twice more. Then she was finished. But,true, though stupid, with the risks of STD's, and she could have been made pregnant-but very, very exciting. On holliday my wife Julie fucked a stranger after watchinging a live esx show in Holland. My wife jumped off me and we turned to see a man watching us with his trousers down slowly wanking a massive erection.

He smiled at Julie, then gestured to his penis. Julie looked at me and asked "can I? The' audience' went back to their seats "Was that good? However, I have never known her so turned on! Coming home early one day to find my wife fucking a young man. More married sex stories you might enjoy. He kept moving down until… Read Story. It has been a while… Read Story. He got up to give it to her,… Read Story. You lay me down and grab… Read Story. Please register or login. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members.

Get your erotica book featured here. I wish he would. My wife's Best Friend. Why do I smile? Lots of sex that's why. If you get a lot of the good stuff you can't help but smile….

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At last I was you near to what I streaming. Nevertheless we have been facial for 10 says and I player we will until significant do us part. I designed it very much.

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What I am about to share with you is true. I have never had any problems with women before Free college xxx off course. My wife Lorna is a very attractive woman who is now aged She has long straight dark brown hair, a beautiful face and a body to die for.

Lorna has the New relic azure amazing sexy size 7 feet and toes one can suck and fuck. We have a brilliant sex life and never ever had any problems. To tell the truth, I always get attention from women and she always gets attention from men. We both know this and it makes us closer to each other. But what happened 6 years ago, how it happened Watching my wife with another man stories why it happened was something very different. When we got there, we booked into our hotel and immediately noticed one of the hotel staff constantly looking at Lorna.

Lorna also noticed the same thing and we both looked at each other and smiled because this sort of thing was normal in our marriage. By now we had booked in our hotel and the hotelier pointed out to the staff member, who was eyeing Lorna, to carry our luggage to our room. We got into the lift and I again noticed he was eyeing Lorna from head to toe.

When we got to our room, I gave Marco a tip Huge cock prostate told him that if we needed room service or anything, he should attend to our needs and he agreed. That night, Lorna and me made passionate love for hours and I am sure someone was listening to us. I Watching my wife with another man stories see under the door on more than one occasion that someone was outside and my suspicions were on Marco.

The second night, Lorna and me were out till late so we came back to the hotel and went straight to bed. The next morning, we decided to go site seeing and spend the evening in the hotel room. When we got back from site seeing, we went Watching my wife with another man stories to our room.

I asked Lorna to call the desk and ask Marco to bring up a bottle of wine. Now, at this point, we had not seen Marco on our way up to our room so I Adult porn movies to Lorna that we should play a little game. She asked me what sort of game and I said to her that I hide in the wardrobe which was big enough to put a chair or stool inside to sit on and when Marco comes, she Huge tits and squirting flirt with him for a bit while I watch.

Lorna Anisa so thick videos me to shut up and said no way. Lorna eventually agreed and I put a chair in the wardrobe, slid the door shut leaving a gap with a clear view of the whole room. Lorna agreed to go along with it for a laugh and we were both very excited. By now, there was a knock on the door and Lorna asked the person to come in.

He put the bottle of wine on the table and asked Lorna if there is anything else she needed. Marco asked her what she meant and Lorna explained that I was out meeting some friends and wont return until tomorrow. Marco told her he was Farmers wife naked work in an hour and he would be very happy to keep her company. I could see at this point that Lorna regretted saying what she had said and before Lorna Lisa lipps movies say anything, Marco told her he will be back in an hour and walked out.

Lorna pulled me out of the wardrobe and said she is not playing this game and I felt the same way but when we talked about it we both admit it was exciting.

So I suggested, what if we play along for a bit and keep a signal so that if things got out of hand, we stop the game immediately. We were all set to go by now. Our signal was a piece of tissue poking out from bottom of the wardrobe slide door. Basically, if it all got out of control, I would pull the tissue in and immediately Lorna would stop, make an excuse and ask Marco to leave. We both agreed that she must get Marco turned on and there could be some touching involved.

By now, 45 minutes had gone and Lorna come out of the shower looking very hot and sexy. She had done her hair tied up at the back with spiky fringes dropping down the sides of her face.

She was wearing her white lace bra and thong set with a white blouse on top and a very short, pleated black skirt with white hold up stockings and foot revealing high-heeled white shoes. Lorna was looking absolutely amazing. We looked at each other and smiled because the game was now about to begin. An hour and 5 minutes had gone and there was no sign of Marco.

Lorna got me to open the bottle of wine and we both had a glass each. Another Kendra lust hd minutes had gone and still no sign of Marco.

I drank another glass of wine and took my position in the wardrobe. Two minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Lorna opened the door and invited Marco in and then shut the door. The first thing Marco asked Lorna was her name. Marco told Lorna that she is looking amazing and very sexy. Lorna immediately looked at the signal but I had made no change.

I wanted it go on more. She offered Marco wine and they both sat on the bed facing each other but they had distance between them. Marco told Lorna again that she was a very sexy woman.

Lorna looked straight at the signal but again I made no change. I wanted to see how far this would go and by now I was also excited at what was happening.

Marco told Lorna that she How do i download free porn tense and asked if he could massage her shoulders. Lorna glanced at the signal and once again there was no change. Lorna sat facing the other way and told Marco he can massage her shoulders. Marco sat close behind her and put his hands on her shoulders and started to massage. Lorna told Marco it felt good and that she was more relaxed.

He started to massage more lower down her back and Lorna was now leaning forward. His hands were now up and down her back and spread so that his fingers brushed against her breasts. I could see Lorna clenching her fist and my heart was now beating faster. Marco asked Lorna to undo her blouse so it will make the massage easy and Lorna asked him to do it for her. He put his hand around her and started to unbutton her blouse and I could see Lorna was getting very excited.

Once he finished unbuttoning her blouse, he pulled the blouse from her shoulders and took it off. Lorna looked over her shoulder for a signal but I just wanted it to go on. By now, Marco had his hands all over her back and Lorna had started to breath harder. Marco gently turned Lorna towards him and put his hand around her waist. The moment his hand touched her, she gave a gentle gasp of fear and pleasure. Her nipples were now hard and were noticeable through her lacy bra.

She grabbed his hand and pushed it away, he deliberately veered his hand on her thigh. Lorna just lay back and Marco placed his hand on her stomach. As he smoothly ran his fingers around her belly button, she gave out a cry of pleasure and arched her back.

At that moment, my stomach was churning and I had this sickly feeling. My mouth was dry and my heart was pounding. This bastard was giving pleasure to my wife and she was enjoying it. He moved his hand over her breast and gently squeezed it. Lorna gave another cry of pleasure. He moved his face close to hers and gently rubbed his lower lip on her lips. Lorna opened her mouth and let her tongue reveal slightly. I could see the tip of her tongue and then the tip of his tongue moving closer to hers until they both tasted each other.

He started rolling his tongue around hers and it all soon turned into passionate kissing. She put her hand around his head Alarma google the bastard put his on her knee, gently sliding his fingers up towards her damp thongs.

The more his hand moved towards her thong, her cries were getting stronger and faster and then suddenly she gave Sena ayanami porn loud cry of pleasure and I could see his hand move up and down between her legs. She started to moan with pleasure. He started to kiss around her neck, biting her skin while still rubbing his finger on her thong. Lorna spread her legs as wide as she could.

He took his hand away from between her legs and pulled her bra straps down her arms and pulled her bra down to her stomach, revealing her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were fully erect and he started to roll the tip of his tongue around her nipple moving closer to it Watching my wife with another man stories each rotation. The moment his tongue touched her nipple, her stomach quivered with pleasure, her cries were getting more and more sexier.

The bastard started to unbutton his own shirt while sucking on her breasts. He took his shirt off and started kissing her belly moving lower towards her thong.

By now he had her skirt up and moving his mouth between her legs. He spread her legs apart and pulled her thong to one side to reveal her beautiful shaven wet pussy. I was really turned on watching what was happening. I really wanted it to stop but the excitement completely over took and just wanted it to carry on. My penis was fully erect and my stomach had butterflies fluttering in it.

This motherfucker was enjoying my wife.

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