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This is Amy, your proud white sissy faggot friend. I just read your Public Service Announcement. It was so true, right on the mark! Such a ridiculous thought! It gives me great pleasure to hear how those little white bois have forsaken the illusion of being a man, started putting on makeup.

Those little white sissy bois must have truly understood the purpose of their existence, because they then throw their tiny little girlie bodies under those big men with humongous cocks. Finally, they are rewarded with another wave of sperm gushing into their boi-hole and filling their bowels with all the warm man-juice….

While the real men cum into their frail bodies like wild animals, those little sissy-bois have already enjoyed multiple sissy-gasms, just like any natural girl would…. So, those sissy bois will never ever make the mistake of trying to penetrate a woman again, not even entertain the mere thought of it. When these white sissy bois Sissy cocksucker tumblr down, they will not see any penis, but only a pair of DD-cup breasts with huge areolas.

So, thanks for the reminder about those white sissy bois! A sissy faggot is indeed a complex animal. She is definitely not a man and not really a woman. A sissy faggot is usually a closeted crossdresser who wishes to be a whore for men.

A lot of sissy faggots have their first experience crossdressing at an early age. These early experiences are very important in the blossoming of a sissy later on in life. Many sissies are young, in college, and are looking for daddies who will make them feel feminine. If these young sissies are provided with the right encouragement and attention at an early stage, they will almost always start taking hormones and successfully transition. Over the course of years, they perfect their lie of being straight to the point that they convince even themselves.

At some point, they get married and have kids. This is a great dilemma that many sissies face. In this Allie haze naked of writings, we will explore the complex nature and psychology of sissies. Hopefully, in reading this, you will learn about who you truly are. Males are obsessed with the size of their cocks. Is it big enough? Am I too small? Is my erection strong enough?

Males are worried that a woman might find them too small. Men are told that they have a small dick as a form of insult. All this pressure builds up insecurities which most men can handle because they have the size to back it up but for a sissy who knows he is too small, it can destroy their confidence as a man. This is one of the reasons that more and more beta males are realizing that they were born to be sissies.

This helps them cope with the fact that their dick is too small and that they will never please a woman. They will never look back and want to return to a life of shame and depression.

The girl usually breaks up with them and this makes them depressed. The depression makes their dick even limper. The beta male then starts watching many hours of porn hoping that watching sexual content will help them get hard but it has the opposite effect. They watch so many porn that they become desensitized and induces erectile dysfunction. This puts the beta male into a state of panic and they become more depressed, their dick becomes more dysfunctional and their porn preferences change from normal straight fucking to more extreme forms of entertainment like bukkake, creampie gangbangs, etc.

They are only excited by the most extreme forms of straight porn that they can possibly find. Usually the porn they begin to prefer includes some worship and focus around cum. They are now obsessed with porn. It is the only thing that gives them excitement. They are not even concerned about their small dick anymore. They can only get hard from watching porn. They love watching the porn actress obsess over cum.

They constantly hear the words: This is the beginning of the development of a cuckolding fetish. He begins to admire the strength, vigor, cock length, and aggressiveness of a real man. He watches more porn of guys with big cocks usually black men impaling white pussies and literally fucks his mind.

He wants to fall in love with a whore who shares a mutual interest: The beta male also craves to be humiliated by a woman for having such a small dick. You are officially a O. L Obsessive Compulsive Cock Lover.

Continuing on from the last point, you are now a porn-addicted, cock obsessed beta male. You spend all your time jerking off to your fantasy. You have no social life, no one to talk to. All you do is fantasize about drinking cum, sucking cock, having a mistress humiliate you and increasingly fantasies about them making you dress up like a Sissy cocksucker tumblr and pleasure a man. Your porn preferences have been changing all the while and you have started becoming excited by shemale porn which after a few searches leads you to finding sissy hypnos and crossdresser porn.

You have never experienced a sexual rush like this before. The hypnos are telling you everything you knew about yourself from an early age. After being exposed to sissy hypnos, there are only two choices: M Obsessional compulsive masturbator. The other is to put yourself out there. You begin to interact with people and start creating lots of sex profiles on websites like fetlife, tumblr, pornhub, xhamster, etc. You are just curious to see what is out there. At this point, you start taking pictures of yourself dressed up in panties to attract attention to your profiles.

As you build up confidence, you start posting better pics and this may or may not lead to a sissy sexual encounter maybe with another crossdresser. It is the perfect match. Sissies tend to love showing off their bodies and will begin feminizing their bodies at all cost. To fund their obsession with making their clits smaller and their boobs bigger, they will go into the cam sex industry on sites like chaturbate or even fulfill their dream of being a hooker.

The sissies who work hard on their image and are truly serious about becoming as feminine as possible team up with the likes of tiatizziannifeminization and become models and porn stars winning lots of awards and making real money.

They find daddies who are rich and willing to pay for their full transition and have all their dreams come true. These are great pointers as for how to behave as a Sissy but some rules can be broken. Some of the rules may even contradict each other. The following commandments Porn interracial mature the other hand must be followed by all sissies at all times!

But if you are not able to follow all of the commandments you are not a real sissy. If that person is to docile to give out punishments the sissy will find an appropriate punishment herself.

She is not allowed to like the punishment! You can choose what color though you must own at least one pink pair and what kind of panties you wear, but you must wear them at all times! If publicly you still live your live as a man and you may run the risk of exposing your Tanned latina porn e. For every day a Sissy fails to wear panties all day long she will have to wear one additional female garment for 24 hours or 2 pieces for 12 hours and so on.

She will have to complete these hours within a week. Oh and for those sissies who are into diapers, I guess you can do your busyness whenever and however you want. But you may want to check with a mistress or master who knows something about diaper training first. She has to stimulate her pussy to make herself cum. If she is not able Sissy cocksucker tumblr have a real sissygasm from anal than she may use two fingers to stimulate her clitty.

But she has to al least rub her pussy while doing this. When she cums it has to go directly into her mouth and she has to swallow it all. These punishments are summed up if more then one of the rules are broken. Since rule one exceeds all other rules you may see a vagina if you have a mistress and she tells you to lick hers.

For every time you see a Vagina e. Part - 1 Credit: SP TG Caps https: Updated list from https: This guide will teach you how you get a clitty as tiny, limp and useless like mine. I will guide you through the phases I went through and will update Nude black thugs later with the phases I have not been through yet.

The result will be a constantly limp, tiny and quasi-impotent clitty, shrunken and idle testicles I call them ovaries and a reduction in your testosterone level. All of that without taking any hormone replacements or other medication! I will now start hormones soon which will be the next phase.

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