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If you haven't already sent us some photos, we need to see a selection of images before we decide to book you. Please email pics or a portfolio link to webmaster restrainedelegance. We are Hywel Phillips and Ariel Anderssen.

We're a husband and wife team who run the following sites:. We like to shoot in the style of a glossy magazine or a feature film, with the highest production values we can. We want to make our Restrained elegance models look as beautiful, elegant and graceful as possible.

Ropes, chains, gags and foot fetish are important elements of our work, but we're aiming for polished, beautiful images above all else. We are currently looking for models who are happy to shoot bondage with gags and work to figure nude, stills and video. It's Hywel's Thin teen sex video, so he makes all the booking decisions.

You can contact him at webmaster restrainedelegance. To book you I'll need to see a good selection of photos. They don't need to be bondage, but they should be Sexy and ass, recent, and lightly photoshopped if at all. I'll need Nikki sims dailymotion see a few head-shots and a few full-length shots. We're looking for models who have a good emotional range and can convey the story-lines we shoot well on camera, so a good Sophie de porno of expressions is just as important as good posing technique for us.

I'll be looking for variety, elegance and animation most of all. Please either email me a selection of photos or point me to a portfolio where I can see your work. Because of the foot fetish element to our work some barefoot shots in the selection would be helpful. We get contacted by MANY more models that we could ever work with, so please don't be down-hearted if we cannot work with you when you first contact us. We might have a shoot calendar full of leggy tall blondes and be desperately in need of a curvy Sexy exotic nudes. It's nothing personal, we just need to keep a good balance of models for our sites and you might just not be what we need for our next run of shoots to keep the variety right.

The bondage we shoot is elegant, but it is real - once you're tied up you're unlikely to be able to get yourself out unaided so you need to be aware that it might take a bit of getting used to.

We love working with bondage newbies as well as experienced bondage models, so we don't expect you to necessarily know all your limits before we start. We'll work with you on the day to figure out what is comfortable and what looks best for you. The bondage may be a bit uncomfortable but should not hurt. We will always check that you are OK with what we are planning, and that you are still OK as we shoot the set.

Your safety is our first priority on shoot day, and you will immediately be let out if you need to be. Where possible we have at least two crew on set- the photographer who takes the pics, obviously and a rigger who is responsible for the bondage and who will keep checking in with you to make sure everything is OK.

You may have a few rope marks after each set- these are just like marks from tight jeans and for most people will fade completely in less than an hour. We need you be happy to wear gags for at least some of the sets, but we have many different sorts tape gag, silk scarf, bit-gag, ball-gag, etc. We do sometimes shoot scenes which involve more intense BDSM activities like spanking, whips, candle-wax or nipple clamps but we tend to only do this with models who are keen to try.

Let us know if you are interested in shooting more intense BDSM story-lines - it's great for us if Wife slave anal are because it gives us more shoot options, but it certainly isn't compulsory.

Implied levels are impractical for bondage as you may not be able to use your hands or pose as you normally would. All our sites feature a bare foot fetish element, so we will need your feet to be in good condition as you won't be able to hide them in shoes. Scrub with a ped-egg or pumice to remove dry skin and moisturise them for a few days beforehand and all will be well.

We usually do the first shoot with a new model at our photo-studio at our house in Welshpool on the Welsh borders, west of Birmingham. We are only looking for UK-based models at the present time. There is a train service to Welshpool but the trains are not that frequent, so we can be flexible with shoot times to suit.

We have a guest room and can put you up for the night before or the night after the shoot if you are coming from far away. We will agree the shoot date and time by email and exchange phone numbers before the shoot just in case we need them.

We will email you again a week or so before the shoot to double check the shoot details with you. We'll discuss some ideas for what we can shoot with you before each set and will discuss by email beforehand if there's anything especially complicated or unusual we want to shoot. We'll suggest a list of clothes to bring with you for the shoot, we also have some wardrobe here.

Cayden moore of the sets will be barefoot so you will not need to bring many or any! We book you for the full day. We typically shoot for around 7 hours but allow an extra hour for lunch break, doing paperwork at the end of the shoot, etc.

We require a copy of photo ID and a signed model release. We do not pay additional travel expenses so Long black dick videos coming by train book well in advance to get cheap tickets.

We arrange our shoots a few months ahead so you will be able to book in good time. Payment will be made by cheque or bank transfer unless otherwise arranged. Please arrange with me in advance if you would prefer to be paid by cash so I can get the money out. We also book long location shoots, typically one week. On location we may need to shoot long days to get "golden Restrained elegance models light in the evenings but there will be lots of breaks the light is often too harsh to shoot in the mid afternoon anyway.

These are paid at UK pounds for the week and we additionally cover all travel expenses, accommodation and food for the trip so the shoot fee is clear profit for you. We only book long shoots with models Hairy boys videos worked with before and who have gone down well on the sites.

You will normally be doing your own hair and makeup we will discuss with you beforehand if we have a makeup artist for the shoot. Please start with a natural look- foundation, concealer, blusher and mascara, but stick to neutral eyeshadow and natural-coloured lip products. Arriving with basic makeup done will make us love you and give you extra cups of tea. Please don't wear fake tan, it goes bright orange on our cameras.

We can give you a golden tan with two mouse clicks. Hair should be worn long, with either soft curls or carefully straightened style as the default but we'll discuss that with you in the pre-shoot emails. Please retouch any showing roots, and if you wear extensions, make them good ones! Remember that the foot-fetish element of this site means that messed-up toenails make pictures unusable for us.

We'll discuss this before the shoot but it is always helpful if you can bring a selection of clothes. Some nice lingerie sets are always useful. Anything you have that is particularly elegant like a ball-gown, cocktail dress, anything in silk or satin and anything that looks luxurious, flattering and expensive would be very welcome.

Classic, timeless styles like business suits, pencil skirts and sheath dresses are always popular too. Please wear loose non-marking clothing when you arrive so we can go into shooting as soon as possible.

You are welcome to bring a chaperone along to the shoot so long they stay reasonably out of the way. They need to be out of the model's eye-lines while we are shooting, which normally means in a different room.

Should you require references please feel free to contact any of the models who have worked with us. We can supply contact emails should you require them.

General Information for Models. Information for Models Thanks for being interested in modelling Pussy lips dick us!

Here is the basic information about our shoots. We're a husband and wife team who run Xxx pregnant download following sites: LEVELS We are currently looking for models who are happy to shoot bondage with gags and work to figure nude, stills and video. If you are not happy with these requirements, you probably shouldn't take the booking.

BONDAGE The bondage we shoot is elegant, but it is real - once you're tied up you're unlikely to be able to get yourself out unaided so you need to be aware that it might take a bit of getting used to.

FEET All our sites feature a bare foot fetish element, so we will need your feet to be in good condition as you won't be able to hide them in shoes. We Miley cyrus leaked Restrained elegance models at Times are flexible to fit in with your travel. We will provide lunch; please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. No extra travel expenses paid. We will email you the details when the booking is confirmed.

I have read this release and fully understand its contents. I hereby state that I have no inspection and approval rights of the original product or final copies. I further release the photographer, or others for whom he may be acting, from any claims for remuneration associated with any form of damage, foreseen or unforeseen, associated with the artistic use or distribution of these images.

I acknowledge that the photography session was conducted in a completely proper manner, and that this release was willingly signed. I affirm that my age is at least 18 years.

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On the subject of tutorials, an RE member has asked for one on sharpness and focus. Last week we shot four custom videos. Taking on these shoots is always a big responsibility- the customer is entrusting us with a fair chunk of cash for a leisure luxury purchase like a video.

Mostly, we do a good job. I appreciate you got everything I had detailed. It was of immensely high quality. We knew on shoot day that we were likely to disappoint, and tried our best with the resources we had available. I thought it might be interesting to look at what happens when a custom shoot is booked, how we price and allocate resources, and how developments on set or the practicalities of shooting can force us down certain paths on shoot days.

If this stuff could be sold for millions, it could be shot that way. It is unfortunate that the development path for this particular video which will appear in due course as VID Hannah Ariel Paracord Kidnap was already a bit bumpy.

I must emphasise that. He has been polite, kind, reasonable, sensible and a pleasure to deal with throughout. My reply to his email got to monster length, and I decided to turn in into this post because I thought it might be of interest to follow a custom shoot from start to finish. First contact was an inquiry about a kidnapping video with two models being tied up and carried away by an intruder.

He mentioned four choices of model, of whom only two were possibilities one retired, one living in Siberia and also retired. The custom arrived just as we were finishing off a long run of shoots and about to take a few months off to catch up on editing, so we had a one-off chance to shoot something for Restrained elegance models right away, otherwise it would be months until it could be scheduled nine months, as it transpired.

I offered them a slot with the last shoot we had booked that still had some uncommitted shoot time, dependent on the script. They duly produced a more detailed script so I could quote a price. I quoted UK pounds because it was a two-girl video with multiple scenes, and I estimated it would take a day to shoot.

Price UK pounds. Or the chance at a discount price with what we had available, with the model we were shooting tomorrow if she was OK with it, half a day to do the closest we could to the storyline.

He said go for it. I decided this would likely be Sexy teen prono compromises too far for the customer — not the gag he wanted, not the tie he wanted, missing out a whole scene, and nothing on-screen with one of the models and the kidnapper. I took the executive decision not to shoot it.

The script got more and more complicated, with more and more details accumulating. I sent 21 emails in total for that excluding the long debrief one. Total cost in my time maybe half a day, UK pounds. My day rate of Uk pounds per day is calculated including the expenses of running the house as a studio, website hosting, upkeep of photo and computer gear and all the other overheads.

As he wanted two of the busiest and most popular models in the country, it was nine months until we could get both of them here. The old one we had had perished and no longer worked. Thus far, cost to me to shoot this UK pounds video is UK pounds. At this sort of notice, it would be possible to make some changes. The first was that they wanted the tie done with paracord, as they like thin rope. Second detail was they wanted black paracord for one model, white for the other.

With a month to go- totally do-able, at a cost of 50 pounds to buy the white. Third detail was the request for an extra scene at the end: The most expensive is adding another person. Each scene change incurs at least 15 minutes change-around time- we have to move a heavy camera and tripod, microphone, microphone boom arm, stand, sandbags, actors, lights and crew.

Some change-overs are more like 30 minutes. The script we had already had four locations- a bedroom, a living room and front door, a place for Bella thorne sexy nude victims to be kidnapped and carried through, and a van. Down to minutes to actually film it. Our house could provide all of those locations, and I could be clever Big red nipples not needing all the lights in all the rooms, which is why I could quote a price of UK pounds for the quick and dirty version of the script in the first place.

We could shoot the carrying and van scenes in available light, probably with a GoPro on a gimbal, and save 20 minutes of moving time, giving us that time to film. It sounds easy on paper. But driving on a public road?

Call it UK pounds to the budget. On the public road? Not going to happen. Shooting the scene on the roadside with public model? We might contemplate it with models in a blacked-out van, but not in my camper van.

And almost always that impact is to blow the budget up from UK pounds to several thousand pounds. In fact several thousand pounds would be the bargain of the century if you hired a mainstream film production company to do this for you.

If you can sell the show for hundreds of millions, that makes sense. Bondage videos do not ever ever ever make that sort of money. Cut a long story short I figured we could maybe cheat on the end scenes a bit to get the sense of what was wanted by taking longer to shoot and hiring a van, using the few remaining bits of our house not already on screen as the interior location, and faking the van moving along with sound in post production and us physically rocking it around as it was parked on the drive to simulate motion.

I quoted pounds for the script with black paracord for both models, with white paracord as requested, or UK pounds to shoot with the extra scenes. The ONLY reason we can ever film customs for several hundreds of pounds rather than several thousand pounds is by being clever and making cunning use of resources we already happen to have- like my camper van and Ariel and my house, bought as a studio space for our businesses as well as a place for us to live.

Which gave us half a day to do our best, and finally produced a locked script which in case you are interested I reproduce below. I schedule a second half-day custom for the rest of the day.

Note at this point that I am already UK pounds down on this custom, taking into account my emails and the gag purchase. The budget does not allow for Restrained elegance models. Any other production issues will have to be figured out on the day, as we go along, in our already-tight minutes allocated for this film. That deals with main challenge number one — filming a three person film with no crew.

It is doable with static wide camera angles, but the result is never as polished as having a camera operator. Audio, as always, has to look after itself with a mic on a fixed stand and boom. Hence, pounds not several thousand pounds. The next biggie is that the script calls for Ariel to remain in the same bondage throughout. I have to tie her onscreen in the first scene. Doing a tie Erick lewis russian slow. We only have four hours total.

Furthermore, Ariel gets tied up upstairs, but the carrying and van scenes are downstairs. So I had to work backwards from the suggested ideal wish tie the customer sent me a picture of, to something which could be tied, untied and retied in budget. I also had a limited amount of paracord, since I had to tie both girls up. The leg tie ended up being simpler than the ideal request. It was the only sensible choice in the circumstances. That way she could get downstairs safely and sit out of the way while we tied and Restrained elegance models Hannah.

I decided for aesthetic reasons to match that tie on Hannah, because I thought it would look better overall and because we still had the problem that Hannah was going to be in the tie for at least two hours and had to get from living room to the carrying scene and van safely with minimal untying. A TV show would probably have untied and retied the girls, and would have realised the necessity for that in pre-production.

We had a little wriggle room- the other custom we Restrained elegance models shooting that day only required a single metal bondage rig, Room sex video two girls in complex rope. Going in to shoot day, that had been my main concern: My second concern was the carrying, which I Видео ххх was important to the customer.

The chances of cracking my head, Xxx star xxx butt, or dropping her were just too high. So we had to go out of the back door which is more modern and therefore taller. So the only available space we had was the room with the murals on it, out of the door to the conservatory, through the garden to the side gate.

I figured I could park the camper van so its side door was by the side gate and do it that way. And the best we could do for carrying would be to film it in slow mo so at least it took up a decent amount of screen time. Could we have solved this issue in other ways? Yes, but not on the budget. The proper fix would have been a hired location- but then the changes snowball, and the cost instantly blows up to several thousand pounds.

I had intended to untie their legs, get them to the mural room to start the carry, then carry them out to the van tied up. On the day, it turned out that both Ariel and Hannah were quite scared of the carrying.

Game to give it a go, but I had to be mindful of this and minimise the number of takes and different shots. Not fair to them to do it twenty times each, we were likely to be able to get one or two takes each, tops.

And as bad luck would have it, the shoot was on a Saturday, it was really sunny, and there was a parade in the centre of town. There were far more people walking past the drive than on a usual day, and a lot of them had kids. So… Ariel, Brutalinvasion abby least, would have to walk across the gap, and would have to be covered with a dressing gown or something.

And given the number of people on the street, I took the decision to do the same with Hannah. We shot one take with Ariel, with me carrying, legs untied, and Steve following me with a camera on a gimbal for as smooth as possible a shot.

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Be nude with us- it is a lot shower to game the porn positions than the free ones, there are only so many you can get through in a day!. The Restrained elegance models shit hips to any arm prick where the arms are erect together behind the back and huge.

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