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Glancing around Zora's Fountain, Ruto was in shock. She was afraid, and panic overcame her. The water began to form waves that grew larger and larger by the second, and suddenly ice was beginning to form in random places in the lake. As she turned to run back inside Zora's Domain, the Zora princess tripped and was forced to crawl. Was it an earthquake? Earthquakes were unheard of in Hyrule.

Volcanic eruptions were the worst natural disaster that Ruto had ever heard of, and its occurrences have only been because Ganon has ruled over Hyrule. Get away from here! He was unable to move, and the cliff he was sitting on was beginning to crumble.

From the corner of her eye Ruto noticed ice starting to crawl along the edges of the ground, creating a thin, glossy and almost invisible layer. Ruto knelt next to her father and cried into his robe. She felt that he was going to die here, and that feeling tore her apart. She never knew what the death of a loved one felt like, and now it was happening before her eyes.

The experience was too real for her, and her mind began to go numb. There were so many emotions running through her-fear, shock, depression, and anxiety. Her mind shut everything out, and when she tore herself away from her father she saw it. Ice was crawling over his scales, into his gills. His eyes began to tear, and he gave her one final smile, the smile a father gives to his child before he lets go of them. Cierra spice fucked smile that says, "Be safe" or "Take care of yourself".

Ruto wiped her tears and kissed her father and ran towards the cliff in the domain. As she approached the cliff she realized that her lips were very cold, and this was because a thin layer of ice had formed. As she touched her own lips she noticed that it was not ice It was something else. A sticky sort of substance, a very transparent, odourless and gooey sort of liquid. Ruto dived from the cliff and swam to the entrance to Lake Hylia. To her surprise, a person emerged before she was able to escape.

She screamed, but the noise was not heard because it was underwater. She put all her strength into kicking the figure, but the unknown person simply grabbed both her legs and pulled Ruto into them. She saw nothing—her head was buried in someone's chest. She pounded her fists against them, but their body felt so strong Almost like it was made of a type of iron. Suddenly they had both emerged from the water, and Ruto's initial reaction was to clench her fists and punch the person.

She did so while she kept her eyes closed. She felt herself being laid down onto the ground and she was punching nothing but air. She opened her eyes and saw someone that she had never seen before. The figure before her was almost tall, about 5 feet 6 inches, with a Lesbian stepmom seduction porn muscular build. It appeared to be a man who was wearing a tight royal blue jumpsuit with bandages around his head and chest.

Initially Ruto thought the man was injured, but when he turned around she saw a symbol she recognized-one her father talked about. It was the Sheikah symbol.

Her father told her that the Sheikahs were a group of people who served the royal family, and they were very reliable and strong people. Ruto was unaware that since Ganon began to rule Hyrule they still existed, but before her was evidence that she was wrong.

The man had crimson red eyes that one would have nightmares about. The Princess ruto nude glared at her-she thought that she felt pity in his eyes, but she wasn't able to tell, bandages covered the top of his head and his forehead, as well as the bottom part of his face. All that was visible was his eyes, his Amazon oregon region, and dark blonde messy bangs. The man approached her, and in a register that was nor deep nor high, he said, "Zora's Domain has been taken over by an evil source.

This is most likely Ganon's doing. Unfortunately, it was not only the Domain that was affected". The Sheikah gestured towards the lake, and Ruto noticed that there was no more water, only dry land. Ruto screamed-a high pitch screamed that echoed against the now clear land.

The man closed his eyes and rested a hand on Ruto's shoulders. Ruto grabbed at his arm and felt iron under her fingertips.

She tightened her grip on his forearm. She felt herself running out of air and images of the worst possible scenario began to fill her head. He saw her father, frozen to death, all of the domain frozen, and the same fate to the rest of the Zora clan. And she suddenly imagined that an earthquake swallowed them all, erasing the existence of Zoras from the face of Hyrule.

The man knelt to her eye level, and his eyes held reassurance. Be patient, your father or friends are not suffering, they are simply frozen in time".

Ruto looked down, ashamed of herself for showing herself in distraught in front of this foriegn man who just saved her life. After some time she managed to stand up. Do you mean Link? It had been four years since she had seen the man that was suppose to be her husband. He had saved her before, but where had he gone now? Apparently he disappeared-no one in Hyrule has seen him.

From what she has heard, Ruto was the last person to speak to him. She looked at the man before her. A mature, strong and reliable person. Ruto did not care for marriage or any sort of formality at this point.

He already knew who she was, and she had a vague idea of who he was. Ruto only wanted comfort, someone to hold her, someone to show her a passion that she had never experienced before.

She looked towards the laboratory on the edge of Lake Hylia, then back to the man. She repeated it in her head, and realized that it brought her warmth. This man is her saviour, and now she plans on making him her first lover. She led him to the laboratory, and once there she opened the door ajar. The old doctor was not home, and Ruto was desperate at this point. She had lost everything she had ever cared about-her father, her home, and her Uyou porn. Her mind had pushed everything out, and at this point all that she felt was the desire to be loved.

All that she wanted was passion, a passion so deep that it can distract her from the chaos that has befallen her. Sheik found himself stuck between the wall and Ruto's body. She pressed herself against him, and he felt her bare chest rub on the bandages that protected his chest. She brought her face close to his, and her cool, smooth scales rubbed against his exposed warm skin. Ruto's breathing quickened, and she felt her desperation in between her legs. She rubbed her crotch on his thigh, and brought her hands to his chest.

The iron chest that had saved her moments before. She tore away at the bandages that had the Sheikah symbol drawn on them. He grabbed at one of her wrists, but her free hand grabbed at the bandages covering the bottom half of his face.

Beneath the bravado of Sheik, was Princess Zelda. She couldn't let her identity be exposed now, and most definitely not in this situation, and not to Ruto. As much as she wanted to escape this, Zelda wanted the same passion Ruto did, and this was her opportunity. Her strength gave into her desire, and she was not able to fend Ruto off. When felt her bandages slip from her face, she pursed her lips and closed her eyes. When she opened them shortly after, she saw a shocked but intrigued Ruto.

A playful smile crept onto Ruto's face, and Ruto tore the bandages off the top of her head as well. A clump of blonde hair unravelled itself, and curls fell to Zelda's shoulders. Impa had forced her to cut her hair when she became a Sheikah, but Zelda decided that as long as she was in disguise it Princess ruto nude be unnoticeable. Ruto brought her hand to the back of Zelda's head and clenched a fistful of hair in her hand. She pulled Zelda's head back, rough but intimate.

Since I'm all worked up, I might as well put you to good use though," Ruto said, in a hushed whisper. Zelda was shocked to hear someone speak to her in such a manner. As a member of the royal family, no one had dared address her this way.

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