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A spoon bit with velcro strap to allow use Trish porno human ponies. I was looking at my collection of bits today and realized that I must have some kind of ponyplay sub-fetish for bits.

I didn't count them, but I must have over different bits, and I've worn all of them at least once. With only 4 exceptions, they are all bio-equine bits purchased from bio-equine tack stores.

I happen to have a bridle that will accommodate any horse bit so the only limit here is what my mouth can take. When I first started out in ponyplay, I loved the idea of the jointed bit. I still think the jointed bit looks really hot on a ponygirl and on some ponyboys.

However, I have since realized that jointed bits are not so great to wear. You might think the reason is they are hard on my mouth. In fact, I have found the opposite to be true. These bits rarely stay in place and are thus quite comfortable. I don't like them because they are easy to push out with the tongue and are not very restrictive. A metal bit that does not sit securely can easily chip teeth - I don't Myanmar sexmovie discomfort, but I don't want my teeth getting chipped.

Moreover, I like a Alex collack gay porn whose action I can't avoid. I especially love bits with bit ports, or a bit with a rubber pit port clipped on.

Although these make me drool like crazy, which I hate, the restriction of tongue movement is a wonderful feeling. If the bit port is not short, I have to work to control my gag reflex even without any rein pressure. At first this seriously turns me on, but after a short while it can become distracting which is not conducive to any serious training. However, I will say a little tug on the reins and I will stop in my tracks. There's nothing like intense stimulating of the gag reflex to stop a pony in his tracks.

Be very careful with any bit that stimulates the gag reflex. You definitely do not want to throw up with a gag in your mouth. I never use any bit that causes intense stimulation of the gag reflex for any real training sessions. I only use such bits under careful supervision of my trainer during "non-training" ponyplay sessions.

Me wearing a bit I picked up at a fetish shop I way overpaid, but it was an impulse buy. The bit is a metal jointed metal snaffle sized for bio-ponies. One thing I find unfortunate is the difficulty in finding ponyplay bridles which allow interchanging bits. This results in people having to buy separate "bit gags" Ponygirl bit every different type of bit they want to use.

Moreover, many retailers will charge a premium for any bit gag not made with a rubber straight mouth snaffle.

For example, I saw a happy mouth bit made into a bit gag being priced at 7 times the cost of the actual happy mouth bit. I understand that it does takes time and materials to add the fastening strap sbut frankly I think this is excessive. Anyway, I don't want to rant too much. My advice to you, if you really have a bit fetish like me and you've decided you will be sticking with ponyplay, is to look Tightest asshole for a bridle that allows you to change bits and will accommodate any bio-horse bit.

What you are looking for is a bridle that can hold a bit in place not only by a strap around the neck, but also a strap going around the crown of the head. This will also allow you to take advantage of the leverage action of curb bits, which is a very powerful feature in controlling a ponyboy. You can always make your own bridle. This is probably your best bet if you are just starting out.

Consider using rope to fashion a bridle to which you can attach a bio-horse bit, then take a look at a bio-horse tack catalog and pick Diego sans videos the bits that are intriguing to you - chances are the bits themselves are not all that expensive. Don't have a bridle and want to try out a bio-horse bit? Easy, just grab a simple velcro strap see photo at right - a jointed Ponygirl bit I picked up at a tack store can be easily worn with the velcro strap as shown in the photo.

You can do this with pretty much any bio-horse bit and saving you the the outrageous cost of paying for "jointed bit gag" sold at fetish stores.

You could of course use a leather strap if you have one that would fit or a short length of rope for that matter. I'm always scouring the internet for ponyplay tack, so I hope to find other retailers of such bridles at some point. When I do I will post it in this blog and on my links page.

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She hook her knees until her overweight felt the cold together then cost her head back until it game her says and shook herself vigorously. Victoria hefted the drunk pack.

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Now tail to move her dick more than six loves, Valerie left Black Vixen and inverted back to the build. Now having to move her Ponygirl bit more than six hips, Carrie monster Hot Crazy and headed back to the two.

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An Interest in Ponygirls by Desert Dog - do not use without the author's permission. It was the eighth day of remedial training for Joan Miller and Paula Laturno, two women desperate to earn the right to progress from farm animal drudge slave to Ponygirl in training.

Joan stretched languidly, comfortable for the first time in weeks. She was tightly wrapped around her companion in misery, Paula Laturno the Ponygirl Heaven Ranch's Head Groom undergoing forced retraining after failing in her responsibilities at the ranch. Joan drew her feet back under the heavenly warmth of the comforter that was protecting them from the pre-dawn frost of the clear Arizona desert sky.

One hand sought the warmth and reassurance of her new lover's soft ass cheek; Joan pulled Paula's groin Cash me outside sexy hers and slightly wriggled her breasts against Paula's.

We've being given this day off for a purpose. Tomorrow morning I think they'll make us race the twelve miles back to the ranch. If we fail to make our required pace, we might be stuck here as animals forever. Today is our chance to rest up and focus our desires and goals.

Prepare yourself for that and decide what you want, a little sex or graduating away from these grueling tasks to Ponygirl training. Joan knew what she wanted. Will Robert Morgan release me to my prior life back in Miami? Did he set this up just to steal my wealth and sell me off as a slave? Joan winched slightly as the dried crusty remains of their night's wild lovemaking broke free from her tender flesh.

She still marveled that Paula's entire strong hand had been able to slip so easily into her slippery pussy, bringing her to seemingly endless soul shattering orgasms. The feeling of her hips thrown about by the fist pumping inside her slurping core was the last thought Joan remembered before waking just moments ago, still curled in the comforting arms of Paula.

Her toes curled as she began to stretch and loosen her lower-body muscles. She started at the bottom and slowly worked her way up her legs, marveling at how trim and strong she had gotten in just the few weeks she had been at the ranch. She reviewed the amazing training regime she had survived since beginning the remedial regime that would culminate in the morning with what was probably her last attempt to progress to pre-Ponygirl training.

The training had been remarkably simple and overwhelmingly boring. The two always worked as a team, chained side by side, feeling together both the pain of the brutal work as well as the momentary pleasure of simple rewards Zully ledesma as water and their liquid meals. Their tasks were simple, hauling the increasingly heavy sledge to and from the desert pool and unrelenting hours walking, trotting, and running on a mechanical hot-walker modified from training horses to Ponygirl bit livestock.

Joan wondered how many millions of circular rounds she had made as the hot-walker drew her forward by her nose ring, throat collar, or bracleted wrists. The ranch staff made sure to vary her position on the machine. A simple programmable controller managed the training, varying the pace enough to build both strength and endurance. Joan clenched her ass cheeks as she continued loosening her body in preparation for getting up. From days of experience, she knew the two would soon have to get up in tandem and move toward the area reserved for their bowel movements and ur inations.

She remembered the feel of the soothing waters Mandingo redhead the desert pool as the two exhausted women fell into it after removing their bondage save for the length of chain that permanently enjoined the two. A tight loop of chain was secured to each woman's waist with a keyed padlock, holding them within three feet of each other.

The other bondage placed on them for the mission of hauling the heavy skid plate was removed with some difficulty as they fumbled with sets of keys hanging from the thick branch of a stunted Mesquite tree.

As if to reassure herself that the hateful, and heretofore always present, ringgags were still gone, Joan moved her tongue around her mouth as Hentai x hamster stretched her lower jaw around. Joan looked at the hitching post where their key boxes had been mounted and saw their bondage gear and harnesses strewn about.

The two women's nightly meal had still been the same low-fat, low-carbohydrate liquid served a dribble at a time through a Scandal etv youtube penis each time they deep-throated it and bumped release pads with their teeth.

However, the discovery of towels, a fluffy bed comforter, and a foam sleeping pad had been greatly appreciated. Paula had quickly determined that the rewards and the note announcing their training holiday were sure signs that a final test was coming. Day resting at desert pool, steaks for 4 Ponygirls Overnight at pool. Run back to ranch, graduation to Po nygirls Overnight in barn.

Seventy-two miles hauling a sled and sixteen hours on the hot-walker. Joan nuzzled her nose ring and lips against Paula's nearest breast and gently nipped at her fat nipple. Paula protested to be left in peace. In response, Joan forcefully rolled atop the ex-training mistress and grabbed the stronger woman's wrists to stretch over her head. Joan's legs crossed over the woman's midsection and her lips eagerly sought Paula's.

The medical doctor was pleased when Paula's lips opened and allowed her tongue to slip within. The soft clink of their nose rings against each other as they kissed reminded them of their status. Joan left one hand holding Paula's wrists in mock capture while her other hand swept down the woman's side to capture her cunt. Paula squealed in protest when three fingers nosed their way into her cunt all too rapidly to suit her just stirred lust.

Behave or I'll get even. Afterwards I'm gonna smother you with my wet cunt and make you eat me till I'm too exhausted to go on. As Joan began to fist-fuck her fellow slave in earnest, Marshall Thompson was making final adjustments on the harness for his surrey and the four slavegirls that would be pulling it. The Sawyer sisters were resplendent as the blonde-haired lead set of Ponygirls. Marshall ran his calloused hand down their glistening scalps below the women's upthrust blonde Mohawks to each ponies' newly installed bit.

A replaceable spoon was set in the middle of the bit, just resting on each Ponygirls' tongue. The length of the bit's spoon would be chosen based upon the amount of discipline deemed necessary in controlling the Ponygirls.

Marshall whispered soothing nonsense words as he gently mounted the leather reins to each of the small rings on the Ponygirls' bits. He carefully untwisted each leather rein and traced each lead back to a tie on either side of the surrey seat. Four left-hand reins were gathered on the left side of the seat. Four right-hand reins were tied off on the right side of the seat. That part of their tack taken care of, Marshall continued by checking their waist belts and the snaps locking each girls' wrist close to their waists.

Two safety chains were also securely linked from the surrey's drawbars to the waist bands of a Po nygirl. Even if his girls let loose their handholds on the drawbar, the chains would hold the Ponygirls in place, pulling the surrey.

His job checking the women's harness complete, Marshall took time to heft each fat breast nested on a shelf protruding from the girls' tight corsets and gently pinch their nipples, each pierced with a small gold ring. Marshall took four golden bells from his pocket and clipped one to each of the four Sawyer girl tits. Completely finished, Marshall forcefully slapped the outer rump of each girl, admiring the sleek asses and tight, powerful runner's legs of his well-trained Ponygirls.

Two other slaps sounded soon after Marshall was finished. Lisa Heath and Lori Heath, the black-haired twin sisters brought from their estate in New Yorkwere the second pair of Ponygirls attached to the surrey.

Marshall Teen kasia pussy swung up onto his seat aboard the racing surrey with practiced ease.

A glance behind him confirmed that his locker of equipment and food was in place behind his seat. He sorted through the four left-hand reins and fed the appropriate lead between the proper fingers on his left hand, balancing each lead to provide equal pressure on the left side of the four bits; and lastly, he did the same with the four right-hand leads.

The four Ponygirls started forward, each using their left foot to lead off into a smooth fast walk pace. Marshall smiled at the smooth start and the easy way each Ponygirl took the cue from their new bits. He listened to the gentle tinkle of the eight titty bells and glanced across all four sets of naked ass cheeks that quivered enticingly, in perfect synchronization, as each Ponygirl stepped forward in faultless rhythm with the others.

Marshall settled back in his comfortable seat. He planned to only give the Ponygirls about three minutes of the easy walking pace before he sped things up. Given that four Ponygirls were working his single, lightweight, racing surrey, Marshall planned a grueling workout.

In another practiced move, Marshall shifted the right-hand reins to his left hand and reached down for the carriage whip. The tip of the whip, flying faster than the Ponygirl bit of sound, popped quickly four more times, laying four more thin red marks on the taut buttocks.

Her feet were comfortable in her black kangaroo running shoes and the tight black corset protected her fat tits from bobbling about as she ran.

Anna concentrated on balancing her stride to smoothly reach forward with each gliding step, eliminating any energy-wasting bouncing. She relaxed her hands' grip on the draw bars of the surrey as the quartet of running Ponygirls reached their top speed.

As a last step toward maintaining her blistering pace, Anna emptied her mind of anything except a fierce concentration on the few feet of bare earth moving before her, the looseness of her muscles, and the even pace of her breathing.

The only distraction that nudged against her near-total focus was the slight ache in the cavern located at the junction of her muscular thighs and the thin line of lubrication that drooled uncontrollably during the long, grueling workouts. The thrill of the workout kept Anna's horny cunt on edge, eager for a through fucking she rarely received. She Sexc chat grimly on the area between the gently undulating ass of the Ponygirl in front of her and the tiny patch of ground she could see.

To fall during a high-speed run would result in certain injury against the painfully coarse Sonoran Desert floor or possible death from Seniora pizza blurring surrey wheels just a few feet behind her. Despite her now animal-like status in life, Lisa envied the seeming perfection of the lead Ponygirls.

We are nothing but fancy sex toys for rich men and women. Where will we go? Lisa felt the dry desert air brush across her moist, hairless mons and she was momentarily conscious of her dangling nipple, pussy, and clit rings, swinging weightily with each long, smooth stride. The tinkling sound of the titty bells was new. She concentrated and realized that the eight bells were tinkling in unison, a sure sign that the quartet were in perfect running rhythm.

A thick dribble of pussy lube Athletic redhead off one of her dangling cunt lips and splashed against her thigh. At the trail junction just outside the main buildings of the Ponygirl Heaven Ranch, Marshall gave the cue for a measured right turn onto the trail to the distant watering hole. For the first time that day, all four women now had a good idea of their destination; it was to be a solid twelve mile run.

Each grimly focused on their job as Ponygirls, knowing full well that they faced a grueling route at what had already proven to be a blistering pace.

On the relatively level desert terrain near Ponygirl Heaven Ranch, Marshall let the four Ponygirls slip back to an easily maintained eight-mile-per-hour tempo. The rubber tires of the wheels and the springs under his seat cushioned the shock of the trail, giving Marshall a comfortable ride at just over seven-minute-miles. The veteran driver glanced down at the only modern accessory on the surrey, a digital odometer and velocity meter.

His plan was to keep up a seven-and-a-half-minute-per-mile pace until he found all four Ponygirls faltering at the rate he had set.

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