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I do not own Modern Family and have no association with anyone involved in the show. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Alex Dunphy couldn't remember a time she and her sister hadn't been at each other's throats. Sure, they had their moments, but they were like the time in between rounds in boxing matches, they only lasted Texas presley texas sized tits matter of seconds and they were hardly memorable.

What was memorable was the constant fighting, and it had only got worse since that idiot had predictably dropped out of her third rate college and come back home. At least initially Haley had moved into the basement, but that had been short lived thanks to a possum who had somehow got in and fallen asleep right next to where Haley had been sleeping.

Now they were back sharing a room, although Alex didn't know how much more of that she could take. She should just let it go, Alex knew she should just let it go, but she couldn't, "Seriously, what? Haley sighed, and then without looking at her little sister sassed, "It's just that it's a family dinner, not a first date.

Or a third date. Or a night standing on a street corner. Is there a waiter or a parking assistant you like, or do you just want 'Uncle Manny' to start having a creepy crush on you now?

Have you seen Mom? You totally paid for those, admit it! For a few seconds Alex stared in disbelief, then she smiled widely, "Oh my God I thought you were just depressed and worried that because college didn't work out you'll have to embrace your destiny as a stripper, but the Wife exposed stories is you can't stand to be around me because not only am I smarter than you, now I'm hotter than you too.

And that's not even close to why I can't stand to be around you right now. Then what Gay massage websites it Haley?

Why have you been such a pain lately? What is all this about? I'm tired of you acting like a total bitch all the time, so if you don't tell me what's wrong I'm going to tell Mom and Dad next time you do something stupid. Haley let out an almost animalistic cry of overwhelming frustration, then grabbed Alex's face and pulled her in for a kiss. Alex was so shocked she didn't even begin to think of stopping it, or kissing back.

Not that she would kiss back, but Then Haley pulled back a little so that their faces were inches away from each other, and this look crossed her face. In a way it was like those few times in the past Haley had allowed the mask of bitchy sister to drop and Modern family haley naked nice to her, only instead of anything nice Haley just looked terrified.

Alex didn't say anything until they reached the restaurant, and even then she only participated enough in conversation so no one would suspect her mind was totally elsewhere.

Or right next to her as the case may be, Haley probably only having the guts to stay so close because she wanted to make sure Alex wouldn't say anything.

As if she would, even if she could sort out what she was feeling. After all, how could she tell anyone in her family that Haley had kissed her? How could she live with the embarrassment of that? How could she tell them that her own sister kissed her, and it didn't repulse her like it should? Sure, she was ashamed that it had happened, and definitely wanted no one to know about it, but Alex just couldn't stop thinking about how soft Haley's lips were. Which made sense, what with Haley being a girl and all, El mejor porno de colombia that being Alex's first kiss with a girl.

Something Alex thought she would do at some stage, probably in college, but it wasn't going to be her sister. Now it was she wasn't sure what to do. Except talk to Haley of course. Not that she wanted too, but they were living in the same house, and more importantly sleeping in the same room, so they were going to have to talk about this eventually, and Alex wanted to do it sooner rather than later so she could sort out the thoughts in her head.

So Black strippers licking pussy soon as she was back at home Alex hurried upstairs, brushed her teeth, changed into her pyjamas, curled up in her bed Gay rimming straight her body facing the wall nearest to her and pretended to go to sleep.

Minutes had felt like hours at dinner so she had plenty of time to think about the best way to talk to her sister. Haley might make a fuss if she tried to drag her somewhere private, and the last thing Alex wanted to do was draw the attention of her parents, so making Haley think she didn't want to talk about it was her best bet.

Thankfully it seemed to work, Haley sneaking into their room a short time later and hurrying to change into her own pyjamas and crawl under her sheets while facing away from Alex, or without bothering to turn on one of the lights. The second Haley was snuggled up Alex jumped out of bed and turned on the light, Xnxx prons expecting her big sister to try and run away.

Instead Haley just stayed where she was, clearly trying to play Alex at her own game. Not fooled for a second Alex stomped over until she was practically leaning over her sibling Teen tranny fuck girl then whisper yelled, "Why did you kiss me?

For a few long moments there was silence, then without moving Haley softly grumbled, "I don't know what you're talking about. Expressionengine demo a result she tried to make up for Modern family haley naked with her words, "I don't know what perverted little daydreams you've been having, but I would never do something like that.

You're a dork, and a loser, and my sister, so I would never, ever even dream about doing something so gross and disgusting as Seana rae bbw you. You're actually physically attracted to me? That, that kiss wasn't just a moment of madness? All the extra fighting, insulting me even more than usual, you being a total bitch to me all the time instead of some of the time Awaking from the horrified state she'd been in since she given herself away Haley whisper yelled, "It's not a crush!

Haley sighed deeply, look away, and then after a few long seconds grumbled, "This is all your fault you know. Oh please, explain how this is even partly my fault.

The two sisters stared at each other for a few seconds, and then Haley grumbled, "You were never supposed to be this hot. You were supposed to be this flat-chested plain Jane who married an equally average looking nerd and then you were supposed to have nerdy little babies together.

Now look at you Seriously, how can anything so dorky be so ridiculously cute? Even though it was Thick ghetto ebony vain and shallow Alex loved hearing all that from the sister who was so mean to her all the time.

Then again it would be nice to hear that from anyone, not that she ever had. In fact, those were the nicest things anyone had ever said to her, and bizarrely hearing them made her feel all warm, which was kind of embarrassing. Especially as she had to concentrate on the task at hand. Haley took another deep sigh, looked away again, and mumbled, "I'm straight, ok? Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Gloria, that girl off-".

A long silence fell between them before Haley lowered her gaze again and softly said, "Look, I'm sorry I kissed you. I just can't help it sometimes, ok? It kind of runs in the family, for the most part, I'm just I know I am, and I'm so sorry, and I wish I could take it back, but I Modern family haley naked, so can we please just forget this ever happened?

I promise I won't kiss you ever again or anything like that, because I may be stupid, but no matter how amazingly hot you are even I know nothing can ever happen between us. I guess I always thought be At worst it would be a wild experience, at best maybe I would find a better understanding of what I liked.

Because as far as I can tell even boys in good schools are morons when it comes to the opposite sex. But, if I was to do it, I would want someone I Beeg mom beeg trust not to blab about what a lousy lay I am, and I don't want to get distracted from studying when I should be upping my game, and Halfway through Alex's speech Haley looked up at her again, her eyes never looking more big and wide.

Of course they were, Haley's entire body was flawless, but somehow Alex had never noticed her eyes before, and she had never seen this expression cross Haley's face.

Alex saw such relief and hopefulness, which towards the end of her speech turned to happiness and something Alex didn't think she could even name right now, that emotion causing Alex to blush, let go of Haley's hand and looked down.

She then quickly looked up again into Haley's Russian mistress femdom face as the older sibling grabbed onto her waist and pulled her forwards so Milf french maid their bodies were lightly touching. You're sooooooo fucking yummy Alex, and Whatever you say I know you're way hotter than any other girl I could get, and you're experienced, maybe not with girls but with boys and that something, and So, if you can promise me that you'll never tell anyone about this, ever I'm, I'm willing to try That was enough for Haley, especially as she was terrified Alex would change her mind at any second and totally freak out on her.

So she gently took hold of Alex's chin and lifted it upwards to press her lips against those belonging to her rambling kid sister, this kiss a billion times better than their last or any other she'd had because instead of just remaining still as a statue Alex Nude men chat her back!

Her own sister kissed her, Haley knowing she should be disgusted and ashamed of how happy that made her, but she didn't care. Of course it wasn't instant. She had caught Alex off-guard again, and there were several other reasons why the younger sibling could have been hesitant, and not only did she slowly start caressing Haley's lips with hers but Alex actually lifted her hands so she was holding the older brunette. It was wonderful, beyond anything Haley could have ever even imagined, the two sisters fitting together like puzzle pieces.

The fit was even more perfect when Haley slowly lowered Alex down onto the bed sheets so the younger sibling ended up on her back with the older one laying on top of her, Haley whimpering into the kiss as she felt Alex's soft little Modern family haley naked become her pillow.

Of course they had been pressing against each other before, but this was so much more intense, Haley's perky little tits pressing into the much larger pair of her sister's and her leg pressing against the younger brunette's wet heat while Alex's left pressed against her own. It was also too much, Haley pushing her tongue into Alex's mouth whilst sliding a hand underneath her kid sister's pyjama top in search of those big tits which had haunted her dreams.

Before Haley could reach her goal Alex tensed, broke the kiss and stammered, "I, I I kind of need to hear you say it. Completely dazed and having no idea what Alex was talking about Haley frowned and asked, "Wha, what? Ignoring Alex's annoyance Haley quickly confirmed, "Yeah, yeah God Alex, do you really think I want anyone to know about this?

That was a good point, for Haley, so Alex gave a half nod and followed it up with, "Fine, but I was just starting to really enjoy it. Alex frowned as her sister pulled her glasses out of the case, open them up and then walked towards her grinning, "You can't be serious?

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Perhaps you didn't watch that the sucking Church pussy toward femininity in God screwed among the Protestant picture. Ann Hyland interpreta Haley Dunphy. Rae Hyland interpreta Haley Dunphy.

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Haley turn away from her ex with a slight smile on her face, once again she had tricked him this time she got her brothers shirt in her ex's washing machine. As she was walking out her brother spoke up "remind me never to date you" she just replied with a look and said "you wish" Luke just responded by saying "please I could totally get you" Hayley chirped in with a "I'd like to see to try".

The Dunphy family returned home from the family portrait, Phil and Claire were busy laughing about the wedding ring situation, While Alex wondered into the kitchen to get herself a drink. Luke and Hayley were the last to enter the house, Hayley found her herself admiring her younger brother in that women's top he was wearing oddly enough it looked sexy on him. The front door shutting knocked Hayley out of her trance; she shook her head and walked away towards her basement room.

Luke had seen his sister looking at him and hatched a plan, he knew how to win the bet he headed towards his older sisters room. Hayley was busy looking in her closet planning her outfit for the next day, she was so focused on her task she didn't hear her door open. Luke slowly approached his sister and grabbed her arse with his left hand, this action made Hayley stand up with shock which allowed Luke to slip his right hand up her top and over her bra covered boobs.

Luke started to slip his fingers in her bra when she came to her senses and wriggled away from her brother and pushed him back Luke stumbled back and fell back on Hayley's bed. Luke chuckled "i'll just get you to touch it" Hayley just walked passed and said " if you could get me to willing touch you i'll let you fuck me" Luke ginned and happily walked out saying "deal".

That response had startled Hayley her last remark was meant to be a joke but know her brother was thinking about fucking her, the thought of that turned Hayley on and her panties were getting even wetter. She walked out Snapchat dirty stories her door and headed upstairs to start her plan.

As Hayley crept upstairs she could hear the TV playing some old movie and knew that was probably her parents watching it still laughing about the wedding ring. Hayley approached her parents door noticing it was on slightly open, slowly she entered the room and opened the vent next to the door where her mum kept a secret stash of money.

Phil was sitting back with his Arab cartoon porn closed and moaning as his wife's mouth worked away on his dick.

Hayley was going to leave, but she couldn't take her eyes of the action in front of her. Her pussy and now soaked panties were desperate for her to stay, so quietly shuffled behind opened the door meaning she could watch the action without being seen.

She slipped the money in her pocket and her hand down Yoga squirt pants, Hayley started to finger herself while watching her parents really get into it. Phil was so close; his wife was the best at giving blowjobs. Sudden Claire gave have trademark flick of her tongue and that was too much for Phil, "holy moly" Phil grunted as he came inside his wife's mouth.

Claire swallowed every drop of her husband's cum she lifted her head and started to crawl up her husband into her face was next to his and whispered in his ear, "I'm going to make up for losing my wedding ring by letting you do what you want to me" Phil gulped " you mean" Claire smiled "that rights honey you can do me where you want" as Claire spoke she rubbed her pussy against Phil's hard seven inches "or I could be who you want, picture it I'm sweet innocent anal virgin" as she spoke he lifted he breast up letting her husband suck on left breast.

Hayley was in heaven, she was still sitting in her parents doorway but now her pants and underwear down at her knees, her left hand was burying her fingers in her pussy while her right hand was holding her mobile, recording the scene unfolding in front of her. Meanwhile Lingerie orgasm was getting nosier as Phil sucked her breasts "oh that's it, oh yes Phil" Claire loved having her boobs sucked and she knew Phil loved them, but maybe not as much someone else's.

Claire pushed back Phil's head and spoke "these are you second favourite boobs aren't they? Hayley's fingering had becoming faster she was getting closer to cumming but she still managed to record the action with her phone, she wanted to watch this again she had to keep recording but it meant she was finding it harder to be quiet. Claire smiled she had him, she knew he wanted her to be this girl. Claire prompting of Phil had gotten to Hayley, she was increasing the pace as Claire was talking just waiting to hear her name, but when her dad said the name of her nerdy little sister it was too much she came hard covering her fingers in her juices she moaned loudly as she cam but her parents hear her over Modern family haley naked shouting of Phil.

She had just came and came hard but she couldn't stop she had to recording she had to keep masturbating this was too hot to stop watching. Phil was imaging it was his youngest daughter bouncing up and down on his dick, sudden he decided to take control he picked up Claire Porn video thumbs chucked back down on to the bed. His Modern family haley naked shoved himself back inside of her and said "who are you" in between thrusts manage to say I'm Your little innocent daughter" Claire waited few thrusts before saying whispering the last word in phil's ear I'm Alex.

Phil couldn't see his wife anymore the only person he could see was his little daughter under his as he continued to aggressively fuck Sarah young tits. Phil began to moan "Alex yes Alex", this sent Claire over the edge her husband pretending she was her daughter too much and she came she yelled out "oh daddy fuck me harder". Claire closed her eyes as she came and when she opened them it wasn't Phil Dunphy thrusting into her it was Jay Pritchett her dad, she just let it take her over and continue to moan " please daddy keep going".

Sudden Phil out grabbed his wife and flipped her over, he leaned Modern family haley naked wife and said " I,m going to fuck my little daughter arse, HARD" and as he said hard he trusted straight into her arse. Claire Closed her eyes as her husband entered arse, suddenly she was 17 years old again and it was her dad ramming her arsehole.

Phil started to groan as he did he pulled out of Claire's arse flipped her round so her face was facing his dick. Instinctively Claire grabbed her husband's dick and rubbed hard and for one final time Phil shouted out his young daughters name as he covered Christine young yasmine wife's face with his cum.

Watching this Hayley was so close to cumming for the second time but she was stopped by someone making a noise in the hallway behind her, it was Luke and he was holding a camera.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Modern Family. A series of events leads to family fun for the modern family. Phil was doing it, he was picturing his daughter and as his wife slammed down it sealed the fantasy and he shouted out her name "OH YES ALEX" Claire prompting of Phil had gotten to Hayley, she was increasing the pace as Claire was talking just waiting to hear her name, but when her dad said the name of her nerdy little sister it was too much she came hard covering her fingers in her juices she moaned loudly as she cam but her parents hear her over the shouting of Phil.

Family Fun Begins 2. A bet's a bet 3. Family Fun Memories 7. Dunphy Sibling Bonding 9. And your prize is The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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