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This is a list of characters from the film Balto and Kodi from balto sequels. Balto is the title character and protagonist of the film "Balto" and its related sequels. The character of Balto was based on a Hentai nadesico dog that lived in Nome in Similarly to the film character, the real Balto gained fame as the lead dog of a sled team that was the last team on a mission to relay antitoxin to Nome, where an outbreak of diphtheria was occurring.

In the film series, Balto is said to be the offspring of a female wolf and a male husky. According to Balto, he was separated from his mother while he was young, and was raised by Boris, a snow goose. As a result of his wolf heritage, Balto was disdained by most of the citizens and relentlessly teased by the dogs of Nome. Balto is very strong and handsome, but unkept.

He resembles a wolf more than a dog. He has brownish-gray fur with a grey belly and light brown eyes. He has large paws which he attributes to his wolf heritage.

He is shown to be one of the swiftest dogs in town as well as the fastest, after winning a race in the first film. As an additional result of his wolf heritage, he has keen senses, and is fairly strong. Balto is shown to be capable of climbing a cliff, as well as holding his own in a fight with a bear. The first film revealed that, possibly as a result of his treatment, Balto was insecure regarding Embarazo y eclipses wolf heritage.

Citizens of Nome generally feared him due to misconceptions about his wolf-like appearance. Despite this, Balto is very Fucking pushy, patient, selfless and very courageous. He is also very humble and friendly, willing to give up his own life to make sure that others were safe.

He usually tries to avoid using force, in favor of intelligence. He also appears to possess leadership traits. By the time of the second film, Balto has apparently come to terms with what he is but does not tell his pups about their lineage until his daughter Aleu is threatened by a hunter.

Balto is shown to have a love for dog-sled racing and later develops a love for flying in the third film. Balto is first seen watching a dog sled race, when he notices a young girl named Rosy lose her hat. Balto outruns the incoming team to retrieve the hat, partly to impress Jenna, Rosy's husky.

However, Rosy's father warns Rosy away out of fear of Balto's wolf heritage, hurting Balto's feelings. Later, he runs into Steele, the lead dog of the winning team, who taunts Balto regarding his hybrid status. That night, Balto attempts to romantically flirt with Jenna, but she is distracted. Her owner, Anime character porn, has become quite sick, worrying Jenna. Balto leads Jenna underneath the doctor's office, where the two overhear the doctor give the diagnosis.

Rosy, along with several other children, has contracted diphtheria. While antitoxin could cure her, the doctor is out and must wait for an incoming shipment. Animated minecraft sex other methods of transporting the antitoxin fail, the medicine is shipped by rail. Because the rail line ends at the town on Nenana, a sled team will transport the medicine from Nenana to Nome. Out of a desire to help the children, Balto decides to enter a race which would choose the fastest dogs for the sled team.

Balto wins easily, but is barred from the team when Steele reveals Balto's wolf heritage, by stomping on Balto's foot the musher assumed that Balto was aggressive. When the team is later reported lost, Balto makes the decision to track them down. Balto soon finds the team in dire straits. The musher has been injured, stranding the team. Balto offers to lead the team back, but Steele, the lead dog who have lost his mind and gone insane, refuses. Steele attempts to attack Balto, but falls off a cliff.

Balto takes over as lead dog, but becomes lost because Steele deliberately changed the marks Balto used to mark the trail. Balto, and the medicine fall off a cliff. Balto is uninjured, but presumes that he has failed. A wolf soon appears and Next door male porn to communicate.

Balto turns away, but then notices the unharmed crate of medicine. Balto realizes that his wolf heritage can be a strength and howls with the wolf as a sign. Balto is able to drag the crate up the cliff, and reunite with the team.

After facing several other perils, Balto is able to safely lead the team home by relying on his sense of smell. Balto and the team eventually return home to a grateful Nome. The other dogs who are in the boiler room realizes they been lied by Steele and Dixie smacks Steele in the face for Kodi from balto lies and they angrily leaves him behind ignoring his pleads.

He is invited into the Doctor's office, where a recovering Rosy thanks Balto for his actions. The sequel shows that Balto has fathered a litter of puppies with First person teen porn. All of the puppies look like Jenna except for the final puppy, Aleu, who is said to look and act more like a wolf even than Balto does.

As a result, Aleu is not adopted like her siblings and lives with Balto until she grew up and is one year old. For a time, Balto is troubled by reoccurring dreams involving a raven and a pack of wolves. Aleu is kept ignorant of her wolf heritage until she is threatened by a hunter for her wolf-like appearance. Balto reveals that he Free online porn spankwire little of his mother, except Luly bosa she had white fur, because they had been separated when he was young.

However, Aleu chooses to run away. Balto tracks Aleu, following the raven from his dreams. Eventually he finds her, but Aleu wishes to learn who she is and refuses to return home.

The two eventually encounter a pack of wolves led by the elderly, but wise Nava. Balto learns that the pack is starving because their main food source, caribou, disappeared the year before.

One wolf, Niju, wants to steal food from other creatures to survive. Nava tells of visions that he has been given by the white wolf, Aniu, that a new leader will take over and lead the pack. Nava believes Balto to be the destined leader of the pack. Aleu is somehow able to discover, through a mysterious ability, that the caribou had crossed an ice bridge to another area the year before.

Balto decides to lead the pack across when the bridge reforms. When the time comes, Nava is separated and Aleu goes back to assist him. The two are nearly attacked by Niju, but Balto intervenes. Balto soon realizes that the pack is leaderless. Nava is too old to make the swim, and so Aleu decides to remain and lead the pack, fulfilling Nava's visions.

Balto decides to return home, but before he can, he sees Aniu, the white wolf, and realizes that she was his wolf mother. In the third film, Balto becomes fascinated with flying.

He befriends a plane pilot named Duke Keith Carradine and faces his fear of disappointing his son, Kodi Sean Astinto help him win a sled race and protect his job as a sled dog from Duke. Later on in the race, Duke crashes along with a stowaway Boris in his plane. Kodi from balto, arriving back at Nome, thinks that something has gone amiss. After Jenna scolds Kodi for not following Balto, Kodi has an attack of conscience and persuades his team to go and help his father.

The others take Boris home, while Balto drags Duke back the slow way, hauling him over a sheet of metal. Balto nearly dies when he almost plunges off a cliff, before Kodi and his team rescue him and take Balto and Duke home. At the end of the film, Duke rebuilds his plane, names it after his rescuer, and Balto's dream of flying is fulfilled when Duke gives him a ride. She was voiced by Bridget Fonda in the first film, and Jodi Benson in the two sequels.

Jenna has red fur, which most of her puppies received except for Aleu, and usually wears a dark orange bandanna around her neck. She also has creamish white fur on her underbelly, legs, face, chest and tail. Jenna's character design was based on movie actress, Bridget Fonda. Jenna has loved Balto since they met. She saved Balto from a wild grizzly bear, and just before she and all of Balto's companion's left due to Jenna's injured pawJenna gave Balto her bandanna.

When Balto returned with medicine, they officially became mates. Jenna usually stays behind on Balto's adventures, despite asking to help. Jenna also cared a lot for her puppies, but was willing to find them homes after 8 weeks. Jenna disliked Steele for his snide remarks about Balto, and his arrogant attitude, and always stuck up for Balto whenever she was there, even scolding Steele and calling him a "glory-hound.

Jenna is very kind and gentle, and is very protective not only of her pups, but also of her owner, Rosy. When Rosy's hat fell out of her hand and into the path of Steele and his team, as Rosy tried to reach for it, Jenna grabbed her coat from behind; Balto later got the Porn twins fuck. She is kindhearted but also rather intelligent, as she was the only one in Nome that Steele was unable to fool. Unbeknownst to Rosy, Jenna is also very cunning tricking Steele into burning his tail by using his infatuation of her against him Interracial strapon femdom, and even has fight instincts in her; she helped fight off a wild bear that was menacing Balto and the others, although her right paw ended up hurt.

Jenna was sold to Rosie when she was only 8 weeks old. Jenna mentioned this in Balto II: Jenna first met Balto when he saved her master's hat there is some doubt of this, as they already knew one another by name. She had befriended and also fell in love with Balto and after he saved Rosy, she decided to spend the rest of her life with him and in the second movie, she gave birth to a litter of pups. When Balto was chosen to help their son Kodi save his job a few years later, she encouraged Balto to help.

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We all have diffrent opinions on the subject of Kodi and Dusty. Some say there only friends, some say they are in love, and some have other opinons. After studying the movie: Wings of Change, I have discovered 12 artifacts of the subject that just may change a lot of opinions. I'm not saying you have to change your opinion, believe what you want.

Unfortantly for those who disbelief Kodi and Dusty as a couple, these promote the Kodi and Dusty as a couple thing. I will start from the begginning of the movie to the end, I will also add screenshots to prove I am not making this up, and the movie time so you can look for yourself. The first one is during the 'Everything Flies' song, while Balto and Jenna over looked Kodi's team at the beach, but look just as Boris begins to fade into the screen, from the looks of it to me, I'm not to sure but it looks like Kodi and Dusty are nuzzleing.

Look about a second or two after this screen shot was taken, if I went any later, the boat that is fadeing in will make it too Kodi from balto to see.

Just as Kodi and his team are about to leave to White Mountain again, look at the expression on Dusty's face in the back ground as she looks Kari kums Kodi. The number 4 on our list about a minuete later, under the Town Hall of Nome, the dogs are trying to figure out who will lead the team to beat the Bush Plane, Kirby says randomly 'You can count on me! After Dusty began to speak as she was standing next to Kodi, but during her talking to Kirby, she looks at Kodi 3 times for no reason, don't believe me, look for yourself.

Then Kodi looks back to his to Balto and say 'This is going to be great Dad' then looks back. You kinda have to use mathmatics on this one, I did. This is the last one for a while, but just before the race begins and Mr. Connor is making the announcement that the race is begginning, the camera in this case pionts to each contestant for a second or two. When the 'camera' looks at Balto and Kodi's team, look at Kodi's actions, he turns around to Dusty with his touge out and everything, AND when Kodi does this, Dusty makes a bigger reaction.

This one deffantly cought my eye, now that Dusty and Ralph's moment is over, as Jenna says 'Look if anyone can find him, Balto can' now that Balto has gone to find Duke who has crashed in the Alaskan wilderness. As Jenna saw them, Dusty looked back at Kodi like she was about to say something.

The first one in the Boiler Room scene involves Dusty. Look at Dusty's expression, she looks sad, but why? Kirby and Ralph are there This one is like 10 seconds later at Kodi's speech that acctully does influence the team to go find Duke, but again look at Dusty's expression. This one was probally the most influental of the Kodi and Dusty supporters, this is the one when Kodi leaves his team to find his dad and Duke and maybe even risk his Short girl big tits, and the first to go with him was none other than Dusty.

I know some of you are saying 'big whoop', but may I remind you that this is 4 artifacts after Dusty and Ralph's moment. This is the last one I am able to make a screen shot out of, but anyway, after Kodi just saved his dad's tail from a very intence death, AGAIN This is the final artifact of this subject I can give to you, and this one is not visual eather, but it could also be pretty convincing. The movie is pratacally over, it's spring, most of the snow has melted, I would guess it would be about 2 months later, and Kodi and Jenna are sitting on the mountain top awaitng the 'Balto Flyer' to fly by.

As they wait, Jenna says to Kodi, 'Did Dad ever tell when he saw you leading the other that night, it was the proudest moment of his life". I don't mean to put down Kodi from balto by what they believe, I was only putting down what I have discovered after studying the movie at least Kodi from balto times.

I'm saying this right now, I respect all opinions, I'm just shouting my own. If any one has questions or if I wasn't clear enough, don't hesitate to PM me or put the questions in the comments. All research was done by me, and a little by some other memebers. Some of the screenshots were taken by me so don't go searching for some of these. Thank you for your time and please comment, I like to know what the public thinks.

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Kodi is one Balto and Jenna's puppies. He is a dedicated member of Kodi from balto mail team in Nome. Eager to learn and grow, he sees Balto as not only a father figure, but also a hero and role model.

To give you the best experience, this site uses cookies. By continuing, you're giving consent to cookies being used. Sean Astin Main type: Realistic Used in a fan creation?

Used in a fan creation Permission to use: Few details Main color: Dark red Specific type: March 28, Eris: July 18, nani: September 09, PerseusArgo: January 21, Wild Wind: January 19, spiritkids: December 12, Little Monster: March 04, HNeau November 29, Lisianthus: December 13, Kodi from balto August 30, ironWillow: June 17, Loreley: April 24, ThatSlyDog: August 02, Dystopian Doberman: August 06, Finch: January 06, Balto's Inside Story: After saving a town, the dogs make Steele run away, never to return for leaving the children to I am a huge fan of Kodi I right stories about Kodi all the time.

Probably either because it was a mistake, or he just looks like a dog. I think it's just a mistake by the creators of the Girl sucks guys balls characters. I wonder what would happen if Kodi found out that he was part wolf. Aww I love the passion Kodi.

I never understood why I cannot stand Kodiak. Something about him annoys me. Why is his description in French??? Such a cute icon!

To be able to post a message site, you must be connected. Register on the site! Anonymous, Google [Bot], Baltolover Balto reads and more. Official Balto characters Balto 3: Wings of Change overview How to make a cutsom balto plush!!!

Nava, Aniu, Balto and Aleu. Thanks for adding Athrea, Hanler, Missy an White frost - 18 h: White frost - 18 h Feeling: Baltolover21 - 2 days Great work. Always been a sucker for your style Kodi from balto - 3 days. Information Multimedia Articles Reviews. Did you purchase the Balto Blu-Ray? I went out and bought it strait away! Nah, I'm happy with my DVD. I want to purchase it, but I haven't been able to find it in stores. I may wait to see if a better version comes out in the future.

Ask and get answers here! This unofficial fansite is managed exclusively by Balto fans. Any copyrighted material included on this site serves entertainment purposes, and is used with utmost respect for the original creators. All rights reserved Black strippers licking pussy Universal, owners of Balto series and films. Wolf Quest Video Clips. Fan questions to Phil Weinstein! Wings of Change overview. How to make a cutsom balto plush!!!

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