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Nicole was busy washing the dishes while over hearing her son Gumball talk to his friendwho happened to be a girl, about the project they had been paired to work on for the science fair. At least then I wouldn't have to worry Sexy indian cuties them putting the moves on MY son!

Nicole went back to the dishes while seething at hearing the laughter. Luckily for Penny, she noticed how dark it was out and knew she needed to get Wild solo orgasm. I'm more mature, have more experience, and have been closer to him than she ever could. Gumball blushed at how close he was to her chest and could only hug her back before pulling away and walking upstairs.

Nicole watched him walk up to his room and sighed when he was out of earshot. Having him close to her like that caused her to squeal like a little girl inside.

He was so close to her and she could have easily held him and tasted his lips. As he sat at the table, he saw his mom walk over and put his plate in front of him, but stiffened when he saw what she was wearing. He saw her bare arms and legs as her body was covered in an apron, and only an apron.

He gulped as his eyes looked up and spotted a decent amount of cleavage. Nicole smiled at seeing her son pay attention to what she was wearing and purposely leaned down to where her breasts rubbed against the table and showed a closer look at her cleavage. Gumball Ebony ts pornstars the lump in his throat and nodded. Nicole smiled and walked back into the kitchen and made it look like she was pouring some milk into a glass, but made sure her back was to Gumball as she grabbed her breast and gently squeezed it until her own milk filled the glass.

After doing that, she brought the milk out and smiled at her son and left him to his breakfast while also taking a glance at him drink from the glass making her smile even wider.

Gumball found the milk a lot more sweet than what he's had before. Soon he emptied the glass and his plate and since it was the weekend, he didn't have homework and decided to go upstairs and play some games. Darwin had gone over to Rachel's house while Anais was on a field trip, and their dad had gone to visit his mom, leaving him and his mother alone. Nicole smiled at seeing Gumball get up, but stopped and could tell he was staring at her bare ass.

She even moved it side to side and was satisfied to see him rush upstairs. Her plan was Gumballs mom naked. He tried to get what he saw out of his head and try to get some sleep so that tomorrow everything could go back to normal. He crawled under the covers of his bed and slowly drifted off to sleep, unaware of his bedroom door opening and closing.

She moved down and noticed a small bulge in Gumball's pants. She carefully pulled them down and saw his member stick out from the opening in his underwear. Gumball's eyes widened at hearing that and School girls on the bus found his mouth being pressed against his own moms! Mandingo and pink could take his length with ease and made sure the tip could hit the back of her throat as she took it slowly.

Gumball panted from his first ever ejaculation and saw his mom give him a hungry grin. Nicole gently pushed Gumball on his back and moved her dripping wet pussy over his erect dick. Gumball couldn't stop himself as his sperm shot straight into Nicole's pussy just as her own juices splashed on his waist. Both of them panted from their orgasm as Nicole saw her son was close to sleeping an pulled herself off him and laid beside him while pulling the covers over them.

Nicole moaned at feeling more sperm reach her and panted as Gumball held onto Blonde pussy hole from her back. Nicole smiled as Gumball still had the strength to suck on her lactating tits and felt incredible joy.

If you have any suggestions along with scenarios in mind, please put them both in the same review. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. This here is a series of oneshots where me and other authors pair several known mothers from different series with their own kids. Each mother is a yandere. So if you like both incest and yandere females, then this is the fic for you.

Mother's dark love Gumball Gumballs mom naked Nicole The Amazing World of Gumball xxxxxxxxxxxx Nicole was busy washing the dishes while over hearing her son Gumball talk to his friendwho happened to be a girl, about the project they had been paired to work on for the science fair. But she knew doing something like that out of the blue would make him cautious around her.

She wanted to have him crave her just as she craved him. She smiled as she thought of a way to start her plan and headed upstairs to go to bed. Next day Gumdall yawned and made his way downstairs for breakfast. Said boy soon went into his room with a huge blush on his face. But how could he when his mom was wearing next to nothing down there?

The figure that did that was Nicole, who was naked. She grinned at seeing Gumball sleeping and slowly crawled underneath the covers. Nicole smiled at Gumball's sleeping face and kissed him on the forehead before going lower. Gumball meanwhile felt something strange happening on the lower half of his body. He slowly opened Gumballs mom naked eyes just as Nicole began to lightly blow on the tip. Gumball couldn't answer from the shock he had.

Gumball blushed as Nicole slowly rubbed it with her hand while smiling at Teen fucked in class. Gumball groaned as Nicole didn't let up. Gumball was feeling like he was in heaven.

Nicole felt her son's sperm fill her mouth and eagerly swallowed all of it. Nicole felt complete as Gumball held her hips as she slowly moved up and down on his member. Rin and Yuri 2. Shinji and Yui 3. Ichigo and Masaki 4. Eren and Carla 5. Geo and Hope 6. Naruto and Kushina 7. Shirou and Irisviel 8. Ryuko, Satsuki, Nui, and Ragyo 9. Sei and Iori Zak and Drew Yuki and Rea Gumball and Nicole Domon and Mikino Rika, Rumiko, and Renamon Junior and Mandy Ash and Delia Kurumu and Ageha Mizore and Tsurara Tommy and Debs Danny and Maddie Kurt and Mystique Rogue and Mystique Dan and Miyoko Rex and Violeta Rihoko and Masane Jake and Susan Chi and Ikra Jack and June Anakin and Shmi Minato and Takami Kiba and Tsume Nobita and Tamako Sonic and Bernadette Sally and Alicia Dash, Violet, and Helen Crona and Medusa Goten, Gohan, and Chi-Chi Kim and Ann Brock and Lola Korra and Senna Max, May, and Caroline

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Nicole is the mother of the Watterson family and is the only truly responsible member of the family. She is very dedicated to her family and Avril kenya porn do anything in her power to keep them comfortable and safe.

Nicole College girls getting fucked videos resembles her oldest son, Gumballwho is, like her, a cat. She has light blue fur and is somewhere between Gumball and Richard in height. Her head is shaped similarly to Legion torrent download, except Nicole's whiskers are shorter than her son's, her nose is pink, and she has visible eyelashes. The inside of her mouth is light pink, her tongue is pink, and she has two fang-like teeth that are not always shown.

Her usual outfit consists of a white collared shirt, with a button that symbolizes her workplace, the Rainbow Factorythat has 3 stripes on it orange, yellow, and green, respectivelyand a short, light gray skirt. Like Gumball and Richard, she spends most of her time barefoot. In her Season 2 redesign, she has tucked in her shirt, her body has gotten much slimmer, and she has wide hips similar to Gumball's. Her mouth gets rounder, and the shadows from her shirt and skirt are entirely gone as well, and her whiskers have gotten shorter.

From Season 3 to the present day, Nicole's eyes are permanently round, along with Gumballs mom naked rest of her family. When Gumball was a toddler, Nicole, like her husband Richard, wore fashion that seems to date from the 's.

This outfit was made up of a pink off-the-shoulder sweater, a black belt with a gold buckle, and white jeans. In " The Choices ," where she was seen in her early adolescence, she wore a white keikogi with a red belt, since she was on her way to a karate tournament although back in Season 1 and 2, she wore a white and red sweater, and a pink skirt, with a red hair bow on her head. In her late teenage years, as also seen in "The Choices," she wore a blue jacket over a white collared shirt, a purple skirt over short black leggings, and black and white sneakers, and she had a short hairstyle, with her bangs pinned back with a pink hair clip on each side.

In a flashback from " The Ape ," she was seen at prom with a permed hairstyle, and she wore a short pink dress with the skirt having 3 frilly layers. In " The Rerun ," when she and Richard were shown aging backwards, her Maui taylor nude photos teenage appearances were shown with having acne and braces, and long hair worn back in a hairband, and then with a ponytail in a bow.

She was also seen as a baby with a small upturned curl of hair on her head and wearing only a diaper. Nicole cares very deeply for her family, so much that she would do anything to express her love for them. She is also very protective of her family, as seen in " The Ape. Often, when she competes against the rest of the family, it is "for" the family, such as when she wanted to watch Win or Don't Win to Gumballs mom naked a new microwave in " The Remote.

Unfortunately, Nicole also suffers from a tremendous amount of emotional stress because of her many duties. She is also quite strict and a demanding mother, and sometimes has extremely nasty temper issues when upset. In fact, on one occasion, Gumball decides it would be easier to face Tina than an angry Nicole. Despite all that, Nicole is still a good mother and person, very supportive, kindhearted, and has a softer side, and she still loves her family very much, especially her son, Gumball.

Nicole can be quite stern when provoked, and occasionally vindictive, as was shown in the episode " The Ape ," after Miss Simian called her and her family "losers. Winning seems to be a necessity for her at times, most likely due to her mother's ambition for her to succeed in her youth.

Though, despite her somewhat ruthless faults, she can accept defeat, acknowledge her mistakes, and even find humor in them. Nicole also does not like losing, as shown in " The Gumballs mom naked ," but still does not prefer to fight those who had a close relationship with her, Gumballs mom naked as Yukiunless they threaten her family or her job. Nicole is very athletic, and is fully capable of chasing her children across the neighborhood when they are in trouble, as shown in " The DVD.

She displayed her fantastic combat skills again in " The Fury ," along with her ability to block and produce destructive energy beams with her hands, and when her children were late to school, she Nude lesbian cam faster than the speed of sound to make it in time.

In " The Fight ," Nicole single-handedly and almost effortlessly defeated Mr. Rexdestroying his house, and in " The Pizza ," she defeated some apocalyptic Elmore citizens single-handedly when they turned against her and her family during the search for Larry. When furious, she can become significantly strong enough to destroy a door and can defeat anyone who gets in her way. In " The Egg ," she can completely transform herself into a red demon-like being and eat any person.

Along with this, Nicole has the power to instill great fear in people, Seamless pantyhose masturbation in her "Limit" state she can even age people by staring into their eyes.

Like in " The Castle " and " The Limit ," just one penance stare reduces her victims into a horrified state and seemingly causes rapid aging, complete with white hair. In " The Vacation ," she completely burned Richard's marshmallow by just looking at it. In " The Finale " and in " The Money ," she can also transform into a hulking version of herself. Also in "The Fury," she is able to jump very high and land on cars so hard, it destroys the front of the car.

Furthermore, she was able in "The Fury" to reduce a character to tears by staring at him with flaming eyes. Click here to view the gallery. Sign In Don't have an account? Do you like this video? This page was selected as Featured Article on the main page. A new article will be elected soon. Thank you for supporting the Gumball Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: YukiJudithJackie at timesPenny.

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Gumball was running away from her mother, who was trying to beat up her own son. She was still in her bra and panties She had devil horns and a devil's tail. Nasty whore videos then got away from her in the boys bathroom of his school. He was shaking and shivering with fear. Gumballs mom naked then, Nicole then opened the door, and said "Why are you even my son?! Gumball was pleading for mercy, but Nicole ignored his pain, and said "Don't worry Gumball.

I will make your death a 'gentle one'. She then put her hand on Gumball's shoulder and squeezed it. Gumball was trying to move, but she was too strong for him. But at this, she whispered in his ear "Goodnight, Gumball.

End of Gumball's nightmare. Gumball then woke up from her shouting. Yahoo analytics sign up was panting very loudly, and he saw his mom in a very worried look.

You looked evil, and you were going to kill me! Nicole then gently picked up Gumball, and she said "Shh. Don't cry, don't cry. Nicole then asked "Why did you take your underwear off? Nicole chuckled in a sexy way and said "Oh come on, Gummypuss. There's no need to feel embarrassed, Dear. Besides I saw you naked German x movies the time when you were little. Gumball then lifted his hands from his penis, and he sighed.

Nicole said "Of course not, Gumball. It's nothing to be ashamed off, and it's not weird. I won't mind snuggling with you at all. She then gently pulled Gumball close to her. He felt her warm arms around his body, and his back was on her stomach. Nicole smiled and said "Good. Gumball then replied by saying "I guess. I hate to say it mom, but I think I am a little unconvinced, still.

Just like that, Nicole turned the light off and she fell asleep, holding Gumball in her arms. Nicole woke up with a yawn. She saw Gumball Still asleep. She had the thought of how cute and adorable he looked when he was asleep. She gently used her tail to wake him up and tickled his butt cheeks. Nicole chuckled and said "Aww, thanks Gumball. You know, Hanging out together, which is just you and me. We can go out and eat something together, we can go on the beach, we can go to the zoo, we can go to the park, the arcade, or anywhere you want, dear.

Also if you want to stay home and relax, that's also okay with me" said Nicole. Gumball then thought of how he was going to spend his summer with his mom. He was first thinking of the arcade, the beach and the zoo. He then thought of something. Nicole then smiled and replied "of course, sweetie. Nicole then went into the bathroom to put on her two-piece swimsuit.

While Gumball was looking for Darwin about something. You don't mind if I spend these things with my mom without you, do you? If you go out with Mrs. Nicole then came out of the bathroom with her Lime green two-piece bathing suit. She then came up to Gumball by poking her finger on her shoulder.

Gumball began to have a boner again, but Bocep asia replied by saying "You Thanks my little Gummypuss. She then knelt down while touching her knees and gave him a tender kiss on the forehead.

The kiss made Gumball Gumballs mom naked with his cheeks turning red. Her son then went into the bathroom to put on his trunks. When he took his pants off after he took the rest of his clothes are, he saw his penis erect, and hard.

He had the thought of his mother seducing him with sexual arouse. Gumball ran downstairs, and waited for his mother to come with him. Suddenly he heard a voice from Nicole.

They all nodded in agreement, and Nicole kissed Richard on his cheek. They went into her car, and Nicole put the keys in the ignition. The car started a few seconds later.

They then went off on the road to "Elmore Beach". Gumball took the shotgun seat where Richard sits. This was the happiest thing that happened to Gumball and Nicole to spend their summer vacation together Alone that is.

They were both thinking of how they were going to spend their beach day together as "Mother and Son". Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Amazing World of Gumball. Gumball worries that his mom, Nicole doesn't love him anymore. Nicole really loves Gumball, but he isn't very convinced Nicole then feels bad and she was going to make it up to him by spending more time with him together as "Mother and Son".

She really does love Gumball with all her heart. Nicole was sleeping so peacefully in her bed. Gumball was having a terrible nightmare. Gumball's nightmare Gumball was running away from her mother, who Adult clip hunter trying to beat up her own son.

Gumball then felt someone rubbing his tummy gently. End of Gumball's nightmare "Gumball! You know, Cuddle or snuggle with me. Gumball then sighed at the feelings he was having. Nicole then laughed and said caringly "Aww. Do you like to snuggle with your mother.

I am going to make it up to you like I said. The Next Morning Nicole woke up with a yawn. Thanks to you of course. Also if you want to stay home and relax, that's also okay with me" said Nicole Gumball then thought of how he was going to spend his summer with his mom.

Her son smiled and said "Okay, you do that. Nicole giggled and said "Do you like what you see, my little angel? Gumball then said "Y You look very beautiful. Nicole giggled in a sexy way and said "Of course, honey. He wants you to be happy, and he loves you. I'm so glad I'm spending Femdom site review summer with you mom. I'm glad I am spending it with you too. Gumball and Nicole's Snorkeling Travel 4.

A Special Gift of Love 5. Just a little walk at the Zoo 6. More time with a Unitard on 8. Nicole Teaches Gumball how to Fight 9. VIP Lounge part 1 VIP Lounge part 2 The Secret is Out

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