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Angie's List Answers is the trusted spot to ask home improvement and health questions and get answers from service companies, health providers and consumers. For ratings and reviews on companies in your area, search Angie's List.

Specifically I was wondering if they function as well as conventional water softeners. Also, how is maintenance compared to conventional systems? One of the best things about my easywater is that there is no maintenance. Once I installed it which I did myselfI have not had to do anything to it and its still working beautifully. I had a salt softener until Breanne benson shower died and then nothing for a long time and now the EasyWater.

There are some things that are better than the salt softener and some things that are not, but its all better than the hard water. The first place I noticed a difference was in the dishwasher. The white buildup on the inside started to Game girl nude away. At first I didn't use the lemonshine that came with the system and there were some spots on my glasses, but once I started using Freije treatment systems they were gone.

I have seen a huge difference I have seen was in my showerhead. Water actually flows out of all of the holes now and there is water pressure. The buildup that had occurred is now gone and isn't coming back. As for how the water feels, it is different than the salt softener. I don't have the slippery slimy feeling that I had before. I like the new feel better, but I know that my sister doesn't.

That's the biggest difference that I noticed right away. The other big difference is water spots. I can see my water spots now on my shower door, but they wipe away really easily. I don't have to scrub at the scratchy film that I got with my water softener.

I do know that when I ordered my Easywater they told me it wasn't a softener, rather it was a water conditioner. I guess because it doesn't remove the minerals its a conditioner. I just know it works. I've been very happy with my EasyWater and I recommend it. Answered 7 years ago by gardengirl. When researching this question you will find that the only people who praise the saltless systems are those who would gain from their sale.

You will read apparently honest reports of people not seeing any difference and talking about there being no scientific reasoning that could cause the reactions these companies claim occur. You can't alter rocks with magnets. This is simple to understand. As for the first reply to your message, I stumbled across another, almost verbatim, supporting comment on another board:.

Scroll to the bottom and compare the comment by eb Freije treatment systems the one here by Gardengirl. It's so close that it has to be marketing department talking points. If you don't like the idea of the extra sodium in your water, then use a potassium based softener salt.

Unlike the waste water from sodium the potassium is very good to your plants and can be used on-site if you store it or drain it to the garden. Answered 7 years ago by Gster. Easy Water softener is a scam. It does not work. I am an electrical engineer and I will tell you that it is impossible Freije treatment systems set up an electro magnetic field inside of a conductive metal pipe.

So do not be a sucker and buy the Easy Water fraudulent water softener. It does nothing at all except cheat you out of money.

Answered 6 years ago by bobbyperini. Every negative comment on the Easy Water system that I have read has been based on the individuals logic or "common Sense". Freije treatment systems have not been able to find negative comments based on actual testing. Until then I will continue to use my Freije system we've used for 5 years and be happy Free ginger lynn it.

Answered 5 years ago by Jerry Fisher. We've had an EasyWater system installed for a couple of years and now and are overall pleased with the unit's performance. First and foremost, EasyWater is NOT a water softener and does not claim to be one, or to act as one. While a water softner conditions water, primarily through the use of salt, the EasyWater works in a different way.

The unit acts upon the minerals in the water, prohibiting them from coming out of suspension and thus keeping them from adhering to pipes or to equipment such as dishwashers. This will keep your hard water from damaging your pipes and equipment, as does a water softner. However, wherever the water is allowed to stand, such as water drops on a counter or on the refrigerator ice and water service area, you will see the minerals left behind when the water evaporates.

Therefore, I will see white spots on my granite vanity tops if I don't wipe up any spilt water or water drops falling from toothbrushes or when I wash my face and getting Vr porn xvideos splashing onto to the countertop. A simple wipe up prevents any ugly white marks being left Hermaphrodite giant cock. Overall, we're happy with the unit. I just installed it and plugged it in.

Took me a total of 10 minutes. No messing with it We have hard water and use a tankless water heater, which means the water is heated in a coiled pipe. We need to have this coiled section replaced every few years due to mineral buildup. Our system is installed correctly and has never appeared to malfunction ie lights are on indicating functioning.

We now need to have our heating coil replaced right on schedule like before our system was installed. Answered 4 years ago by susangorski. We purchased the Freije water system 3years ago. I finally disconnected because it ruined my water heater. All the sediment it created settled British amateur mature the water heater tank. It makes a noise like a freight train when heating water.

I have noticed no difference in the "softness" of the water since disconnecting. We have noticed absolutely no difference. We were told that we might still see white powder, but that it would easily wipe off. We are going to have it removed and install a water softener instead. We bought a unit 3 years ago and have the same issues we had with our hard water that we had before it was installed.

Have had the expansion tanks and plumbing on both hot water heaters replaced due to the build up of calcium and the resulting rusting of the pipes. My plumber told me that such would not have happened if I had a water softner. No, he doesn't sell them, so it wasn't a sales pitch. Replacing with a water softner soon. Answered 4 years ago by Hunter Easywater water softener system is NOT a water softener. It is supposed to be a scale preventer. It is, however, the most expensive ripoff I have ever been duped into.

For anyone who reads this Do NOT buy one!!! Our water still contains the minerals, we still get that nast white buildup scaleour skin and hair is till dry and soap does not lather. What you get is a tedious task of wrapping wire around the water pipe where it comes in your house. I have to admit, my job was as good as their picture. You get a box on the wall that will light up, and that is it.

What was I thinking that the current could change the shape of the molecules and keep them changed throughout the house They won't take the product back or honor the warranty. It is that simple. Answered 3 years ago by kaywalker. White scales were as bad as ever. Now have regular system plus reverse osmosis for kitchen and Ice.

Answered 3 years ago by NH. It does not work like a softener at all it doesn't use any salt nor does it remove any minerals in the water like a traditional salt softener does. The easy water system uses a frequency to change the shape of the calcium so it doesn't stick to your piping or appliances in return it will descale what is in your piping and appliances fixtures ec.

A water softener removes the calcium and magnesium and replaces it with salt so it is removing beneficial minerals we need to have in the water for our bodies, and the softener will give you a slick feeling on your skin do to having the salt in your water. A softener takes up a lot of floor space and needs a back wash line run to get rid of the hard water and it will regenerate at 2: A no salt conditioner ie Easywater does not require theses things.

A softener will remove spots from calcium and the Easywater will reduce the spots.

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