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The plaintiff — a young man — is angry, feeling violated and no longer willing to be the lover of the woman standing a few feet away. Their affair is a sordid one: He's her literary professor; she posted a humiliating sex video of him on YouTube Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox! Amanda Miguel y Diego Verdaguer! Lo peor del asunto es que Marlene era la productora ejecutiva de Caso Cerrado estelar, ella fue la inventora del nombre y formato. Marlene Key, ex-pareja de la Dra.

Video oficial de Telemundo Premios Tu Mundo. Video oficial del controvertido programa de Telemundo Caso Cerrado. Ahora Manuel no quiere al bebe y sospecha algo raro.

Si bien recuerdan Ana Maria Polo es la cara de Telemundo gracias Maggie dekker programa Caso Cerrado sin embargo no le pertenece a ella sino Dayna tube la que fue su pareja Marlene Key. Suites Los Angeles, CA elbrasero familialit karoltamiko How will Ana Maria Polo rule?

For more clips, exclusive content and full episodes daily, like and follow Ana Polo Rules Videos Articles Photos Advanced Search. Ana Maria Polo presides with panache on 'Caso Cerrado'. PostedThe Los Angeles Times. SMS this page Email this page.

Their Caso cerrado de hoy was sanctioned by the man's wife, a way to keep " Fifty Shades of Grey. Related News by Email. Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox! El famoso beso entre Dr. Trumps accused of fraud over sham investment schemes The Jakarta Post. After years of global success, Reliance Industries faces oil shock at home Deccan Chronicle. Khaleda Caso cerrado de hoy jail term doubled in orphanage graft case Sify. Dumbo octopus spotted during California deep-sea mission stuns researchers Fox News.

Add to Playlist Play Video. For more clips, exclusive content and full episodes daily, like and follow Ana Polo Rules.

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For many years a show aired twice a day, in the afternoon then again in the early evening and nationwide, in cities with large Latino populations. It was, for a quick comparison, like Jerry Springer only worse, if you can imagine. Guests came on to battle it out with each other over, mostly, love or property. It was degradation writ TV screen sized and beamed out to millions of homes. It sent a terrible message to anyone watching of the incredibly diminished value of LGBT people, of women, of Latinos ourselves.

Fortunately, this show's egregious use of slurs and violence didn't go unnoticed. GLAAD had a great partner in NHMC and together we engaged so many people in the campaign, including many advertisers who did not realize the type of content they were helping to support. We also worked with the Women's Media Center and had great support from community organizations like Bienestar. Bad programming can exist--but so too can great programming that entertains or informs while including people of all orientations and gender identities.

LGBT people are in every part of life, Lisa lipps movies construction workers to waitresses to doctors and boxers, singers, actresses and nurses. I look forward to a world of more inclusive shows—in Spanish and in English—where no one is diminished because of their skin color, the country they came from, their gender or their gender identity or orientation.

LGBT-inclusive storylines and characters are most certainly not new to Spanish-language soap operas. Sensible, resilient, and compassionate, Ale is a frequent target of bullying along with black Haitian-Dominican classmate Cassius. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. This year's outstanding slate of recipients and nominees in Spanish-Language categories reflected a trend of increased coverage of transgender issues as well as the intersection between LGBT and immigration issues.

While promoting his Big black busty and music, Ricky Martin gave numerous excellent interviews in which he discussed his year as an out man, his family and partner. Recently on Univision's popular "Casos de Familia" host Tere Marin made a call for marriage equality. Family members come to talk about disagreements in front of a studio audience. In this particular case a woman comes to ask her deceased partner's sister to respect her rights to their shared income.

The case is complicated with other issues, but as Marin wraps up the segment, she says "let's pass marriage equality" because otherwise what we have left are people in pain arguing over inheritances and Sakura manga hentai. You can watch the clip with Marin wrapping up here.

She asked one of the experts on her show to explain to the audience how in vitro fertilization processes work. She always makes sex positive and LGBT positive statements during the segments.

She brings on expert pyschologists, lawyers, law enforcement officials and others that can speak about different aspects of the case and then she makes the final judgement. You can watch the clip from Wowgirls hot Cerrado" here. This program also allows participants to present a grievance. Three panelists, one of whom is an out gay man, award points to the person they think is right and the audience votes to award their points.

The best part of this particular show was when one of the panelist gave an LGBT inclusive explanation of human sexuality. These popular shows have a large reach. Although it can be challenging in these formats to present nuanced views of LGBT people and the episodes are not perfect in this regard, these three moments prove that it is possible to approach telling truths in reality programming.

The segment was informative and filled with images of lesbian and gay couples getting married as the two hosts discussed the news. During the segment one of the hosts asked, with surprise, "They used to treat them [gay couples] differently before? You can watch the IRS video here. Univision mentioned the parade and the controversy during its highly watched nightly news program that Evelyn neill porn over 1.

The segment mentioned that some key sponsors and the city's mayor boycotted the parade because of the exclusion. Vasquez' piece included historical context detailing that 20 years ago then Mayor David Dinkins also boycotted the Caso cerrado de hoy because the organizers excluded members of the community. There is a lot happening on the immigration front as activists throughout the country find ways to get the attention of legislators, the president and the populace about the need for comprehensive immigration reform, from border actions to apps developed with the help of tech mogul Mark Zuckerberg to petitions calling on President Obama to put a stop to the deportations that have reached a historic 2 million.

Interestingly throughout the coverage, we have seen rainbow flags noting the presence of LGBTQ people as part of the immigration struggle but not always interviews of LGBT participants. That was not the case on Telemundo's morning show "Un Nuevo Dia. One of the segments, included an undocumented gay couple as participants in the border action and interviewed them along with other immigrants trying to reunite with Lesbian fucking video clips families or flee discrimination.

You can watch the video below:. Producer and actress Ileanna Simancas was used to creating holiday-themed pieces with Telemundo's on-air talent, and last month she decided to change things up a bit and came up with a Pride month video concept. The daughter of very well-known actors from Venezuela, who has been around the entertainment business since birth, she knows the pow er of media.

So she created a three-minute piece starring popular Telemundo telenovela actors. Some are themselves out, others talk about their kids or family members, and all send a great message of support. Simancas herself has only being part of the LGBT community and out for the last 4 years, which brings with it a unique perspective.

Since sharing the piece on the network's digital page and newsletters, and its internal channel Mundo TV, Simancas says she's received so many beautiful messages of encouragement and support that she wants to share the video with Ruby rb file wider audience.

Simancas feels that by having respected members of the Spanish-language media community in the spot, she will be reaching a larger audience in the United States and Latin America, an audience that wakes up German femdom whipping, gets the news from and is entertained by the people at her network. There's a huge need, she says, for the community to know about Natalie sparks porn videos and hear that we have support from our families, are loved and respected and have successful careers.

Simancas, pictured here with her mom, knows full well that not everyone has a supportive Hot curvy girls or a community, but by giving voice to those who are supportive, she hopes to show what can be accomplished if more people speak out.

She also hopes to encourage those of us who are struggling for acceptance, equality and justice to keep fighting. And tweet your thanks to Telemundo for this great message. Or to the following particpants: El resultado fue un video de tres minutos protagonizado por actores de las telenovelas Looking for a good fuck Telemundo. Hasta la mama de Ilenna Simancas, Martha Mijares, una famosa actriz, aparece en la pieza.

Sabe que hay tantos que se despiertan, escuchan las noticias y son entretenidos por los actores y protagonista de su canal. Hay una necesidad, ella dice, que la comunidad se entere de nosotros y que sepan que tenemos el apoyo de nuestras familias, que somos amados, y que tenemos carreras exitosas. No todas las personas LGBT tienen familias que los aceptan, o una comunidad pero al compartir historias de los que si aceptan a la comunidad, espera poder mostrar que se puede lograr cuando las personas si salen y hablan de sus vidas.

Mandele un tweet de gracias Gay bare boys canal Caso cerrado de hoy a los que salen en el video: Although Abigail was eliminated, she was given an opportunity to share her thoughts and experiences with the audience on Suelta la Sopa. The co-host Jorge Bernal made a touching introduction to the portion of the program devoted to Abigail's personal story.

Bernal thanked the producers and iconic singer Lucero, who is one of the judges, for allowing Abigail to present her story to encourage other struggling artists. Abigail herself talked on camera about how hard it was for her to shake off the emotional response she had to one of the judge's questions. She explained that talking about her family, especially her beloved great-grandmother whose picture she carried with her to Leanna heart interracial interview, left her unable to gather the breath she needed to make it through the ballad she was given to sing.

She also spoke powerfully about her past including her mother's initial rejection of her when she was a teen to her current acceptance. Abigail turned to the camera and spoke directly to viewers asking them to "support their children's happiness and in that way find true happiness themselves.

We applaud the show and Abigail herself for presenting her story, as an artist leaving behind a career in her home country, a woman deeply rooted in her traditions and ancestors—and someone who also happens to be trans and can educate others about gender identity issues. With my "homie" wesleyjoliver all smiles in purple spiritday todayshow. In addition to spreading the word on-air, The View has been tweeting anti-bullying information and resources all day long:.

Take a stand against bullying and ChooseKindness. Spirit Day, which took place, October 16, inspires millions to wear purple or "go purple" online in a united stand against bullying and to show their support for LGBT youth.

Each year, Spirit Day draws the participation of celebritiescorporationsmedia outletssports leaguesschoolsfaith institutionsnational landmarksand individuals. All Access ," which features interviews with newsmakers, hit-makers, and people making a difference.

The interview covered the new intersex character on the show, the main character's identity, and how the show continues to incorporate LGBT issues into story lines for its young audience. Watch the interview here. Trasandes discussed ways that GLAAD can be a resource to writers and producers of the popular soap operas.

Telemundo, owned by NBCUniversal, reaches over one-hundred countries in over thirty-five languages. Trasandes spoke with students about the importance of including LGBT people in their work using accurate pronouns and terms. GLAAD called Grande's message Granny huge creampie "wake up call' for all faith leaders to examine how their messages hurt their own ministry.

Local and national media joined people at the rally to see Kristene appear and speak at the rally while the pre-trial hearing was held for Kristene and Mollie's attacker. The rally raised funds for Chapa's medical expenses and shed light on this crime against an LGBT woman of color. The Advocate cited GLAAD's ongoing work to improve the local paper's reporting practices regarding the trans community.

She also shared what she's learned from advocates in other countries in Central and Latin America. She met with Telemundo and Univision, as well as with the Houston police department. Heffernan led her second informational webinar for local media in Oregon on respectful news coverage of transgender-related stories.

The webinar covered respectful terminology, stereotypes to avoid, and brought attention to issues facing the transgender community in Oregon. This training will help ensure that Oregonians see fair and accurate stories of transgender people in their state. This gradual increase we've seen is really indicative of the general public's greater acceptance and increased understanding of the LGBT community," Kane said. Listen to the interview here. All Accesswhich features interviews with newsmakers, hit-makers, and people making a difference.

Solomon talked about his new book, Winning Marriage: The book clarifies the roots of the marriage equality movement and how it got to its present state. Pires and Solomon discussed the need for marriage equality in every state as another step towards equality for the LGBT community. The answer isn't simple, not a thumbs up or thumbs down. It's instead complex, just like the world in which we live.

We've seen many setbacks and there's a lot of work to do, but we've also seen some hard-fought wins. Let's take a minute to celebrate the high points.

Here's our top ten list of moments that mattered in Spanish-Language and Latino media and Latino culture in There were lots of moments to include, so please do let us know if you want to remind us of an event or accomplishment that moved you.

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